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didn’t mean give MM the crown, just tryna make a point.

mr. mayo, you think irreversible fails to say something about cycles of violence?

not picking a fight, genuinely curious as to why you think that..

hype is a marketing scheme.

when something is leaked it can be done when the timing is right i.e. marilyn manson has a new album coming out, eli roth has a movie that’s a retread of cannibal holocaust that hasn’t been released due to production costs.. loving/hating lana del rey is topical to the modern internet scene.

eli roth’s flicks all have to do with shock value. add marilyn manson (king of shock rock) to some shitty short film by eli roth. both have tired material and need a little something to stay relevant. throw lana del rey in there because she is the most recent provocateur in the media.

boom! people like you and i are aware of something so silly on the internet and we’re having a conversation about it on the internet.

haha! well played.

whatever eli roth and marilyn manson.. with your stupid hype. go make hostel 4 or antichrist superstar 2 with your tired ass brains. oooh theres a rape scene with lana del rey to be topical, pfffttt.

even more stoked on this movie.

i love that karen o too, but the fact of the matter is she’s 35 and married. this song isn’t great but what christmas song is really?

eminem’s more successful than marilyn manson as far as record sales but they’re cut from the same cloth for sure. i loved both in the 90′s but now whenever i hear new stuff from either i find i’m always cringing a little bit.

 +3Posted on Nov 6th | re: Watch The xx Play The Guggenheim & Read Their Update On LP3 (6 comments)

sweet, i wonder what album 3 will bring. hopefully jamie xx will be able to have a bigger hand in the production this go round..

 +8Posted on Nov 6th | re: Azealia Banks Surprise-Releases Broke With Expensive Taste (43 comments)

albums hot! i went for a jog listening to it and i went way out of my normal loop just to listen to it all the way through.