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 0Posted on Oct 20th | re: Ariel Pink - "Black Ballerina" (11 comments)

i saw haunted graffiti live and he came off as a self-indulgent narcissist and i felt bad for his bandmates. he is a douche, i get that. that said, this song sounds great to me- its like a modern day frank zappa. im looking forward to the album.

 +2Posted on Oct 15th | re: The 10 Best Mekons Songs (15 comments)

last dance is great song= really though fear and whiskey has been one of the best albums of all time ever.

hells yeah, run the jewels. and it looks like meow the jewels is going to happen too- the kickstarter only needs 5 grand in 2 weeks.

 +1Posted on Oct 8th | re: Crystal Castles Break Up (50 comments)

(III) last? i think (III) is my favorite album. R.I.P. crystal castles

i got excited then i realized its gonna be demos and outtakes and remastered songs we’ve already heard. bummer.

whenever i think of coolio i’m reminded of an article where he stage dived at one of his concerts and not one audience member tried to catch him, then when coolio was down they stole his jewelry and shoes. whatta foolio!

 +12Posted on Sep 17th | re: Kendrick Lamar Teases New Single "I," Rumored For Next Week (15 comments)

nicki minaj’s the pink print and lil wayne the carter V?=
you mean run the jewels 2, right?

Jennifer herrema: the dopest chick in rock.

 +3Posted on Sep 15th | re: Run The Jewels - "Oh My Darling Don't Cry" (6 comments)

you can all run naked backwards through a field of dicks, oh my..

 0Posted on Aug 27th | re: Watch A Very Intense EMA Make Her TV Debut On Letterman (8 comments)

“mainstreamesque”, heh!

agreed. they had an era where i was into everything they did- yyy’s, machine, fever to tell, is is, all the b-sides from that era. i’ve definitely grown to love show your bones, still am lukewarm to it’s blitz! and maybe the only person that didn’t think mosquito was as horrible as pitchfork made it out to be.

EMA seems very stoic when performing, Karen O always has that strange but great smile she cracks when she’s doing her thing.