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That's funny! My fiction workshop was just discussing James Wood and hysterical realism, and my teacher said she ran into James Wood at a party a few years ago and asked him why he hated the quote unquote hysterical realists, and James Wood said he didn't hate them at all—that he loved a lot of them, in fact. You need an angle for an essay, he said, and sometimes it's amazing how they (the essays) just go ahead and write themselves from there. It's so tricky to be incredibly clever AND incredibly emotional, which Saunders always seems to nail.
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October 29, 2012 on Anything Going On Today, Guys?
That one made me sad!! This one http://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2011/10/31/111031fi_fiction_saunders made me cry so much in public while I was reading it that two strangers asked me if I was okay.
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October 29, 2012 on Anything Going On Today, Guys?
I think those spare crutches were there for the initial symptoms of vaginal explosion: wobbly knees.
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August 2, 2012 on Warning: This Photo Of Idris Elba Kills Women
As a GAY man, I passed my heart like a kidney stone!
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August 2, 2012 on Warning: This Photo Of Idris Elba Kills Women
Dragon baby bump. PLEASE GABE
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January 30, 2012 on Game Of Thrones Season 2 Trailer, You Guys
Make him Hugh Jackman's peesonal assistant.
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December 20, 2011 on Hey, Let’s Execute The Guy Who Leaked The Wolverine Movie
This is why I keep a photograph of mac n cheese in my wallet.
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November 28, 2011 on Is Mac And Cheese A Black Thing?
And oh: If you cross out every OTHER line of dialogue, aren't you left with a monologue?
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September 19, 2011 on The Videogum Movie Club: Drive
But beware the imitative fallacy! If your characters are dull, don't show them in a dull way. I'd argue Drive had a VERY dull way of showing. Like, the dullest. But my friends loved it, the Internet loves it, etc. You guys can just have the biggest Qwikster party ever when this comes out on DVD. I'm not coming.
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September 19, 2011 on The Videogum Movie Club: Drive
Drive DROVE me crazy. I'm honestly surprised by the love this movie is getting. It reminded me of the stylishness of Lost In Translation except less (i.e., no) jokes, more reverb-y music, and certainly more exploding heads and throats getting stab stab stabbed. HOLLYWOOD! I gave up caring when Carey Mulligan asked Ryan G<3sling if he'd had a good day and three Chillwave songs later he said "Yeah." Cool. Cool people. What are their addresses so I can go hang wit dem RIGHT NOW? What DRIVE-l. Two ughs out of four up.
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September 19, 2011 on The Videogum Movie Club: Drive
I like how the pregnancy rate is for the entire student population. "Eleven percent of the women and men at Frayser High School are pregnant."
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January 14, 2011 on This Is Your High School: Frayser High School
Sometimes I think people use "homeless" when they mean "sleepy."
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January 13, 2011 on A Brief Note On The Subway Rat Video
Oh man. Not to be an Avatar fanboy, but the gap between Tron: Legacy's storytelling and Avatar's is immense. Cameron is no Aaron Sorkin/David Mamet, but he knows how to tell a story, cares about characterization, and establishes alternate reality rules that his scripts stick to. Tron: Legacy had no rules nor internal logic. Consider: everyone's about to die in an elevator crash (hahaha) but Jeff Bridges saves them by typing fast on a wall? They get out of the elevator and Jeff Bridges says, "Ever jumped a freight train?" And that gets you thinking: whoa boy, we're about to get an exciting, high-speed freight train-jumping sequence (one of my favorite kinds of scenes), but then they calmly walk from a platform to a "freight train" that spins on a beam of light? Sure.
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December 20, 2010 on The Videogum Movie Club: TRON: Legacy
I liked this movie (no 1010)! The writing was terrible and made no sense. It acted like it had big ideas (isomorphs) and those big ideas came with big stakes (isomorphs will change the human world?), but no they weren't (big ideas) and no they didn't (change the world). When I left the theater I heard three people say "the graphics were amazing." GRAPHICS. As if this is 1998 and we're discussing how many hundreds of polygons our Sega Saturns can do! Still, I got excited when the motorbikes blew up and when Wesley Snipes shot light bullets out of his cane(?). Two thumbs up.
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December 20, 2010 on The Videogum Movie Club: TRON: Legacy
What do you think the chance is of getting Kevin Smith to shut up? FAT chance, I'm sure.
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December 7, 2010 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: Kevin Smith Mad At Yet Another Airline Company
I forgot all about Parker Lewis, his awful shirts, and my undying (vampires) love for him. Thank you!
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August 4, 2010 on Look At This Fucking Eddie Munster Love Connection
This video was so good, but is it really THE best dancing in the rain video? http://cinemalopram.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/singin_in_the_rain.jpg
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July 27, 2010 on We All Win This Dance Battle
Not to nitpick you guys, but The Last Airbender isn't exactly a failure financially (though some have called it a crime against art). It has almost recouped its production budget costs domestically, and it hasn't even opened widely in the overseas market. My guess is the film will be profitable in the long run. Sad to say, but Shyamalan will continue to make films, im-probably.
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July 19, 2010 on The Videogum Movie Club: Inception
This is why you're the official videogumshoe!
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June 16, 2010 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: Perez Hilton Belongs In Jail