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Even with a great bit like this, Fallon can't host a show worth shit.
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June 9, 2009 on Jimmy Fallon Interviewed “Zack Morris” Last Night
I was able to watch this because the turtle didn't explode all over the rocks. But when Andrew Zimmern ate a bunch of turtle in Asia I was all like :(
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March 4, 2009 on Don’t Watch This If You “Like Turtles”
This film could easily be saved with space robots. Know your audience, Tarantino.
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February 11, 2009 on Inglourious Basterds Looks Terrable
He said a lot of no-no words. Fucking God damn potty-mouthed motherfucker talking shit.
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February 9, 2009 on 50 Cent Is A Homosexual
That fox should win Top Chef now that Jamie's gone.
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February 9, 2009 on Foxes On A Trampoline!
Agreed. Jamie gives me a big ole lady boner in my heart-hole... Oh, and she's a good cook and I was sure she was going to make it crazy far if not all the way. But the good thing to come from this is Stefan will dedicate everything he does from now on to Jamie so it's sort of a big Fuck Yeah. If the lesbian can't win, then the man who loves her will. Stefan FTW!
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February 5, 2009 on Top Chef: Anything You Can Do, Eric Ripert Can Do Better
Jesus is so excited for these kids he's splooging all over them through out the clip.
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December 15, 2008 on There’s A Flood Coming, And It’s Made Of Psychotic Christian Kids
But Johnny and Lisa are so compatible! Why they fight!?
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December 15, 2008 on Entertainment Weekly Discovers The Amazing Cult Phenomenon That Is The Room
Uh oh, I almost want to see this movie now just for Zooey Deschanel... Debacle!
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December 15, 2008 on New Zooey Deschanel’s Fictional Synth Pop Band Video – “Sweet Ballad”
Is true. Finding all these movies on Hulu is, in keeping with the Christmas metaphor theme, like having one of those space-time defying stockings that you constantly grab new things out of every time you reach in. Case in point: Pants officially blown.
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December 13, 2008 on Uh Oh, They Added Go To Hulu This Week
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December 12, 2008 on Uh Oh, They Added Go To Hulu This Week
"A tight turtleneck sweater can be just as seductive." APPARENTLY NOT, KATHY LEE!
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December 11, 2008 on The Today Show Investigates…Cleavage
That young man better watch his frankness or he will get his skating board stolen by that young ruffian who does not have the financial needs to purchase her own means of transportation, which is in this case a skating board! Uh-oh!
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December 11, 2008 on Having Kids Is So 1986
I see your Summary-of-the-Overall-Mood-of-America Cat and raise you a Barack-Obama-Licking-the-Country-all-Better Cat!
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November 25, 2008 on The Lazy Cat That Represents Our National Mood
Thankfully the night was saved by that dude's "Welcome to YouTube" masterpiece where he mocks (glorifies?) everyone's obsession with YouTube, yet he is the one with his head up his butt hole. Oh so quirky!
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November 25, 2008 on This Is What Happens To Viral Videos When They Leave The Computer
Kudos to Oprah for subtly pointing out that chick's craziness. No kudos to Brad Pitt for growing a moletache.
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November 20, 2008 on The Crazy Brad Pitt Fan Is Your Girlfriend
At the beginning of this I reaffirmed to myself I will never have kids, but towards the ends I realized that when these kids are bitchass teenagers in a few years you can play this and crush them on the inside. YouTube leads to good parenting. That'll do, internets. That'll do.
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November 20, 2008 on Never Forget The Tragic Events Of May 21, 2008
Ooh! It's the hot chick from Disturbia! Ew! It's the slutty pervy chick from Nip/Tuck! Debacle.
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November 19, 2008 on Fired Up Is So Many Other Movies It Will Blow Your Mind