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 +1Posted on Apr 29th, 2013 | re: Stream She & Him Volume 3 (2 comments)

I’m a huge sucker for this band. This album is sweet and makes me wish the sun was out.

 0Posted on Mar 21st, 2013 | re: The National Trouble Will Find Me Details (52 comments)

YES PLEASE. Such a fantastic cover. I’ve been dying to hear a studio version of I Need My Girl and thrilled it’s on this album. High fives all around.

And it comes out the day I start my new job, so I’ll have the most awesome work music.

 +1Posted on Dec 13th, 2011 | re: The Gummy Awards: Your Top 10 Music Videos Of 2011 (80 comments)

And that guy from the thing, too!

(Kristen Schaal as president. John Slattery as the pining security guard.)

 -4Posted on Dec 13th, 2011 | re: Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks Of 2011 (110 comments)

For their bit about the Britney Spears song, they parenthetically wrote: “Fact: In 2011, pretty much any song in the world could be made infinitely better by the addition of a Nicki Minaj verse.”


 +2Posted on Dec 13th, 2011 | re: The Gummy Awards: Your Top 10 Music Videos Of 2011 (80 comments)

The most under appreciated video of the year is the National’s video for “Conversation 16.” It’s hilarious!

 +2Posted on Dec 9th, 2011 | re: The National - "Rylan" & "I Need My Girl" (10 comments)

Last night at the Toronto concert, Owen Pallett joined them for I Need My Girl.

My heart stopped a little bit. It was beautiful.

 +2Posted on Nov 29th, 2011 | re: She & Him Do "Christmas Waltz" For Leno (3 comments)

I know it’s cool to hate on Zooey Deschanel, but goddamn it I love her voice, She & Him, and every goddamn adorable thing about this.

(Except for Leno.)

 +5Posted on Sep 8th, 2011 | re: Los Campesinos! - "By Your Hand" (11 comments)

You know, it might be more of the same, but I’m not expecting them to revolutionize the genre at this point. It’s a nice little track and makes me excited to hear the rest of the album.

 +3Posted on Mar 9th, 2011 | re: The National - "Conversation 16" Video (Feat. Mad Men's John Slattery) (21 comments)

This video is entirely awesome.

 0Posted on Sep 13th, 2010 | re: Dismemberment Plan Reunite Again (3 comments)

I think I’ve found the best birthday present to myself.

Hellooooooo NYC.