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Even with a weak season Boardwalk Empire is still one of the best shows on TV, certainly not "garbage".
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December 26, 2013 on Favorite TV Shows Of 2013
I knew Josh Groban was a phony!!
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August 1, 2013 on How To: Fake Being Able To Play Piano
Nope. You should have saw the signs that it isn't.
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July 14, 2013 on I’m Worried About The Bridge, You Guys
Are Rooney Mara and Fincher shacking up? If so, CrEEpY!
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July 9, 2013 on Finally, You, Too, Can Smell Like Rooney Mara
Eyes Wide "Shut the window! It's too windy!"
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November 18, 2012 on Scary Piano Juggler And His Little Friend In A Nice Chair
I am about 100% sure that QOTSA's Josh Homme was the "Kicking Stuff" guy on last nights show.
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January 21, 2011 on Ariel Pink Brings “Round And Round” To Fallon
The lady at the blood store probably told him, "You're my favorite customer".
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July 10, 2010 on Tommy Wiseau Continues To Be A Complete Lunatic In The House That Drips Blood On Alex
More like "bl(LA)ahghghh ! ! !" Radiohead does not need a Drew Barrymore influence. Screw being Eco-friendly I hope they brought plastic cutlery.
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February 5, 2010 on Radiohead Might Have Wrapped Up A New Album
I hope you chanted, "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!"
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January 15, 2010 on Jimmy Kimmel Is An American Hero
what happened to that Angelina chick? did she fall off the slippery boardwalk?
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January 8, 2010 on Jersey Shore S01E06: Human Nightmares After All
Those women need to respect themselves and the guidos will follow suit. Phil "the Docter" told me that
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December 18, 2009 on Jersey Shore S01E04: Wait, What Happened To Snooki? I Think Something Happened To Snooki!
I predict plenty of monsters will attend, but will pose as non-monsters. They will drink and say, "Hey! Pizza! What's this all about?" Then someone will drunkenly mumble "..monsters.." and then there will be a glorious hog-pile.
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December 15, 2009 on Party! Pizza Party! Videogum Pizza Party! (And Last Call For Interns!)
"This list of options is tearing me apart, Lisa!!!"
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December 14, 2009 on What Is The Catchphrase Of The Decade?
Did James Cameron ever find Jesus' bones?
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December 8, 2009 on Feel Disappointed By Avatar From The Comfort Of Your Home!
I'm sure if we saw a translation of the lyrics it wouldn't be offensive. Somewhat of a poor choice, but I'm sure songs from the Confederate South are still played. P.S. One of his songs is "Arbeit Macht Frei".
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December 1, 2009 on Pete Doherty Sings Nazi Anthem At German Fest
Shit. I wonder if "According to Jim" could add Karen O as the bratty sister-in-law.
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November 10, 2009 on My Morning Jacket Animated By American Dad
what a hooker!
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July 9, 2009 on I Fucked Screech
but "folk" is a music genre. It isn't unreasonable to equate a band that has a music genre in their name to that genre.
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June 16, 2009 on Monsters Of Folk Coming Soon
I was hoping he was beheaded.
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June 10, 2009 on Bret Michaels Is Not A-Okay, Actually
That was one of the best late night moments in a long time! I'm talking: letterman, conan, etc.- all late night shows. Last I heard Screech was planning on writing a book detailing how his costars slept with each other and smoked weed, so it'd surprising that the others would even tolerate his presence.
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June 9, 2009 on Jimmy Fallon Interviewed “Zack Morris” Last Night
I don't know what 11:35 show to choose.
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June 2, 2009 on Pearl Jam “Get Some” On Conan’s 1st Tonight Show
The kid was born after the shit went down.
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May 15, 2009 on The Road Trailer Tries To carry The Fire
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May 15, 2009 on The Road Trailer Tries To carry The Fire
Does anyone know what that new movie 'Fighting' is about? It's a metaphor, right?
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April 30, 2009 on Learning The Lessons Of Snakes On A Plane
Mario Lavandiahrea isn't someone who should be talking about morals. He is a low-life who lost most of his brain to meth and is now reduced to child-like teasing.
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April 20, 2009 on Perez Hilton Is Angry
Don't forget about "I Look Like a Jewish Grandmother"
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April 17, 2009 on You’re Not Gonna Believe This, But New Marilyn Manson LP Courts Controversy