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 0Posted on Sep 12th, 2010 | re: Hole Covers Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" (16 comments)

You are obviously not an Eddie Veddie fan, but I can assure you there is nothing “pretentious” about him from his voice to the person he is, had the chance to meet him when I worked venue security in 90′s and actually saw him wait around for one of our female staffers for nearly 30 mins while she retrieved CD & Poster for him to sign. He was a complete gentleman, unlike many of the bands we had to deal ie. nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, complete Jack Ass Rock Star he aways claimed not to be

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It is really laughable, I thought the same thing about the Dead and I am not more than casual fan. Also 100% with you on Pearl Jam have been lucky enough too see them 2 time in last 6 month, once at 10/31 Philly show closing the spectrum, awesome show 3 hours 45 min 30 plus songs no one gives you that now a days, they should at very least be in top 50 IMO. I actually was surprised PJ made list as they get no respect from VH1 or rolling shit mag and other so called music media! I know people are saying VH1 did not make list but they pick the voting pool that seemed very heavy w/ Rap, Hip-Hop and newer bands, which I think really skewed thelist in that direction!

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Agree 100%, the voters must have not seen the The Flight 666 Documentary were they played too 100,000 fans on nearly ever outdoor show, and put a record 50,000 plus in soccer stadium in Costa Rico that holds 27,000 max. Had a friend that was at the show he is from Costa Rico and said it was the biggest event in countries history and one the Greatest shows he has every been too even though he was not real favad fan, before he seen them.

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I agree and I am not huge Bon Jovi fan, always liked Richie’s playing, think he is way underated as player, songwriter and even singer. There are atleast 30 acts on the list that could not draw like Bon Jovi still today!

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Agree 100% Nirvana is probably one of the most overated bands in history, no way a band that made 3 albumns and had really 1 Good or Great song depending on taste should be 1 position behind one of the greatest bands of all time the F-ng WHO, get the f out out here. I also mention AIC, Pearl Jam & STP as bands that had many more great songs and all 3 were much better live as seen them all back in the day. I worked venue security late 80′-to early 2002 and had chance to meet some of these guys and can say this w/o a doubt Kurt Cobain was a complete Jack Ass, Rock Star(which he always claimed not to want), he had no time for fans or staffers who were fans. On other hand I seen Eddie Vedder hang out for nearly 30 minutes waiting for one our female staffers to retrieve CD & Tee-Shirt she wanted signed, complete class act and seemed liked a regular guy, will always respect that, as we were often treated like shit by many bands that came through.

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I believe Nirvana does belong list, but I think they a bit too high and Pearl Jam, AIC & STP(not on list) all 3 had many more than 1 Great song IMO.

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I watched it almost in dread. The biggest problem was pool voters, way too heavy with Rap & Hip-Hop Artist, some of these Rap & Hip-Hop Artist had their complete top 5 w/ all African American artist. In no way am I saying that many did not belong, but way too many were way too high when artist like Sinatra, Claypton & Greatful Dead did not even make it. Also, IMO Nirvana way overated, one position behind the the F-ng WHO, and again as other have said Elvis is got to be at the very least, even if you do not like him or that familar wth his music in the top 3, really should #1, he was and is the King. Another band that alway gets short end of these stupid list is Pearl Jam, one of the greatest American bands ever, actually in recent(last couple years)USA Today pole they actually were voted Best American Band of ALL-Time. I will never understand how so many people think Nirvana is/was a better band than PJ, if you go on VH1 own website and check PJ bio, it even says PJ was outselling Nirvana nearly 2-1 by late 92-93 and was a much better live act, and I can vouch for that having seen both in the early 90′s and even now PJ is just a Great show, took my wife(finally, she actually did not even like them, but went for our 17th wedding anny) to Philly 10/31 show closing the spectrum, they played for 3 hours & 45 mins, playing 30 plus songs! Since then we have seen them again in Hartford, another Great show, she now a huge fan!