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All the news to rile me up and all the doom metal to calm me down
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February 8, 2017 on New York Times Subscriptions Now Include Spotify Premium
if this past election cycle gave us one thing, the expression "beautiful human submarines" is one that needs to endure
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February 1, 2017 on Beyoncé Is Pregnant With Twins
While I'll always be proud to be from Michigan, this is the match made in hell that the pizzarena deserves
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January 19, 2017 on Kid Rock Could Be The “Billy Joel At MSG” Of Little Caesars Arena
drunk drivers/killer whales but every lyric is "hey now"
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January 17, 2017 on 2017 Is Looking Up
The Stranger Things kids have several talents and are good for generating internet content.
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January 8, 2017 on Watch The Stranger Things Kids Rap In The Golden Globes’ Opening Musical Number
First time EVER in SUD and editor's choice, let me tell ya, the feeling does not disappoint
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January 6, 2017 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
I would walk 1000 miles to avoid listening to this
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January 5, 2017 on Michelle Branch Releasing Comeback Album Co-Written By Patrick Carney
my mom is gonna be so excited about this
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December 5, 2016 on M83 Announces Cirque Du Soleil Collaboration
Lion Babe have been just delightful
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November 21, 2016 on Lion Babe – “Got Body” Video
Anderson .Paak just the most entertaining
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October 31, 2016 on Anderson .Paak – “Come Down” Video
I saw Paul last year and let me tell you, you haven't lived until you hear a beatle sing "hold me back/I'm 'bout to spaz"
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October 17, 2016 on Watch Rihanna Perform “FourFiveSeconds” With Paul McCartney At Desert Trip
They were Ben Wyatt's favorite band in the Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Concert episode of Parks & Rec Brought him a lot of joy!!
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October 12, 2016 on Stream Letters To Cleo’s Reunion EP Back To Nebraska
As with every year, the Adult Swim singles have been FIRE. Excited for a new Captain Murphy joint out soon...?
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September 28, 2016 on Captain Murphy – “Crowned”
i should start by learning the name of the album, DAYS ARE GONE
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July 20, 2016 on Haim Cancel European Tour To Finish New Album
i may not be a big HAIM fan (think i've heard two songs, tops) but i am always A-OK with the decision to put the quality of the music > EVERYTHING if they're on such a roll that they can't get away from the studio, i hope it pays off big on the album. I'm gonna revisit DAYS GONE BY for the first time and get mad hype for the follow-up
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July 20, 2016 on Haim Cancel European Tour To Finish New Album
Uhhh tom, why are you more afraid of Killer Mike than El? Everyone knows that crazy beats big until you're twice as big as they are crazy
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June 22, 2016 on El-P Not Cool With Run The Jewels Movie Title
"But I'll miss the Rhapsody brand I've come to know and love" -Both of their subscribers
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June 14, 2016 on Rhapsody Is Changing Its Name To Napster
They're mostly from the early-00s but HitClips def emerged around this time and hoo boy were they awful,85,500,500&q=98&fm=jpg&fit=max
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May 19, 2016 on 7 Dead ’90s Music Formats
the video went private mid-stream for me :/
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February 10, 2016 on Julia Holter – “Everytime Boots” Video
genuinely excited to see the tweedy boys cover "hello"
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February 8, 2016 on Watch The Harlem Globetrotters Interrupt Tweedy’s Adele Cover
can't tell if your fucking with us or not but i 100% agree
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February 2, 2016 on Kississippi – “Kiss Me” (Sixpence None The Richer Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)
Read the headline as "get interviewed by Kid A" and nearly lost my lunch
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January 19, 2016 on Watch Julien Baker Cover Elliott Smith, Get Interviewed By A Kid