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loved welcome to mali. this joint sounds dope as hell. can't wait to here the tv on the radio feature on the new album aswell.
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January 6, 2012 on Amadou & Mariam – “Dougou Badia” (Feat. Santigold)
based on what u've said. i don't think I WANT to see such a list.
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December 8, 2011 on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums Of 2011
its not tooo bad. i like how the lists this year, are fairly different. this is not a bad list at all. weirdly, for this year, i don't find many of the lists at all reprehensible. nice to see big krit and tv on the radio on here.
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December 7, 2011 on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums Of 2011
love the fact asap in there. overall good list true story: I listened to 'take care' and I seriously thought I had anhedonia given the fact that it is highly touted on this site as solipsistic gold! making a list that's 'seen' as credible is incredibly difficult. It must be even more difficult when you HAVE to put take care at number higher than proper albums. (the reasons for which will remain a mystery, a payola shaped silhouette of a mystery). I'll stop with the drake bashing. He's perfectly fine. ok. will do. not really that offensive. largely unobjectionable. innocuous (unless in the face of heterosexuality, not my words). benign.
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December 5, 2011 on Stereogum’s Top 50 Albums Of 2011
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December 1, 2011 on Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – “Thuggin'”
another ommision: m83. i like this list still though
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December 1, 2011 on Uncut’s Top 50 Albums Of 2011
yeah like you i'm befuddled to the why SP has been a consistent omission, glaring one at that. It's a really dope album, and really rewarding for something that ISNT that difficult or abstruse as many might believe. Like Jaybarty i think it was fun! Weirdly with this list, there isn't another list I agree with MORE at the same time disagree with MORE! I For example I really enjoyed the pj harvey and gillian welch's albums. It not hard to believe that they could be the best of the year. But then again some of the omissions are criminal (the aforementioned shabazz, and maybe less criminally, the weeknd). But then conversely I love the fact that ritual union is in there and equally appreciate the omission Take Care.
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December 1, 2011 on Uncut’s Top 50 Albums Of 2011
i agree re:drake. my opinions couldn't be more disparate between my initial impression of that album and subsequent impressions. First my thoughts were 'hang on here, this could be rally something' turns out after subsequent listens, it gets horribly worse. It's just empty, I think nitsuh abebe put it nicely when he said 'drake's album works if u think the idea of drake making music in it self in interesting'. I guess I don't find it interesting. We never had degrassi here in the U.K so maybe thats the source of my ambivalence. Or maybe it's starting to sound boring. Because it is!?? section.80, like you, i feel deserves a lot more attention. or at least some attention. I underrated it initially, but I haven't stopped playing it since it's release. Even the kid ASAP's mixtape was more interesting than the solipsistic (brilliantly, some will have you believe) soundtrack for inertia that is Take Care. On another note, my surprise album in rotation, is King of Limbs. No idea why. House of Balloons anyone? Still dope as of right now...
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December 1, 2011 on Paste’s Top 50 Albums Of 2011
its a solid album. I like it. Love the production also, but not the great like everyone is purporting it to be. A good 7/10. I also don't get why it's only me, but this can't be that much better than shabazz palaces/st. vincent or even the weeknd's efforts? I know 40 has already said he based his production predominantly on 808's, but this doesn't seem to be far removed from that, or possess even the same verve to get away with being this derivative. It also seemed to me that on this album, the best tracks are the ones when other people are showing him how its done. e.g Kendrick on Marvin, Andre on 'real her' and ross on 'lord knows'. I don't know man. It's only a day after it's release. Maybe it's a grower. Maybe i'll better positioned to like this album more when, inevitably, everyone is making bullshit copies of his style.
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November 17, 2011 on Album Of The Week: Drake Take Care
the live stuff is very redeeming of the first half of TKOL. awesome. I think they should release this live version as an album, it feels more like radiohead as a band as opposed to just thom.
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July 10, 2011 on Watch Radiohead – The King of Limbs: Live From The Basement
awesome playlist again. i always look forward to these now. but my god has time flown!
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July 5, 2011 on Download Stereogum’s Cruel Summer 2011 Mix
I can't believe people are supporting this shit because it sounds less shit than they're perceivably allowed to get....for a 'once a year band so it's a okay they're mediocre' they do get a disproportionate amount of attention. Chris martin must be reading some of these comments going 'fuck yeah its actually fineto make this ostensibly vacuous music as long as people feel we do it 'well' and 'sustainably' and 'okayish' and 'fine' and 'will do for pop radio' and 'will do for once in a while so lets fuel their heavily commercialized mawkish stadium pandering even more'
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June 5, 2011 on Coldplay – “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”
my sentiment exactly. Here in the U.K. where we don't give a fuck about taylor swifts or the lauers. This album still brought people together in a way I haven't seen a hip hop album do in quite a while. And I'm talking about a demographic of listeners who are pretty much not music publication readers except maybe the odd article or review in the guardian. I have friends who hardly listen to music and are intimidated by the sight of a muso (they might listen to some radio) who were calling up to ask if I had heard this album (when it leaked, before the reviews and the critical ass tasting) reciting the lyrics and all. Here in the U.K. there wasn't even a proper single released except maybe POWER. I haven't seen an album transcend such demographics as convincingly in recent times. To be honest I don't think it mattered what the critics were saying, it seemed (esp at time of leak/release) that the album encapsulated some crazy alluring twisted party whereby perversely Nicki Minaj is a world beater, Bon Iver fueling a stadium ready anthem juxtaposed with a gil scott heron coda. It was thrilling stuff. Having said that I do agree there has been a critical predilection for it's inclusion with some outlets. Which is a shame because it's detrimental to people's future perception of this album. It's now susceptible to the hyperbole bin. And if you really are averse to it's overexposure. Stop talking about the damn record, or at least wait longer than 7 weeks! Because right now the overzealots are still burgeoning just as much a over-haters. I like the idea of this column. Just need to more astute with the timing. Next November maybe?
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January 11, 2011 on Double Take: Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
I felt the Arcade Fire album was the best of the year along with High Violet. But I can barely listen to the latter without falling asleep anymore. Although Teen Dreams was my album of the year, I can't be mad at Kanye's album being number simply because I can envision more people being partial to it more than the other contenders (lcd, arcade fire, deerhunter et al) albeit not everyone lauding as their personal favorite but EVERYONE lauding it nonetheless. Which can't be said for the for most of the albums and to some degree that justifies to its top positions (along with it being stupendous and all).
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December 23, 2010 on Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums Of 2010
is it only me that really starts to enjoy the album from half light I? having said that, its thoroughly enjoyable, could have even more excellent without a few tracks (3 to be exact), needs to be more concise probably not the extend of being comparable to sandinista
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July 25, 2010 on Arcade Fire – The Suburbs Premature Evaluation
+1 for sir lucious left foot
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July 13, 2010 on Amazon Editors’ Top 50 Albums Of 2010 (So Far)
also signed up, just to say how dope this and well thought out this mix is. Hope there is more to come!
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July 12, 2010 on Cruel Summer: Stereogum Summer Jams 2010