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The G stands for gangsta. Good on you, Kenny.

 0Posted on Oct 20th | re: San Francisco Radio Bans Lorde's "Royals" During World Series (5 comments)

Now in it’s 30th consecutive year!

But did anyone poop their pants on the train back?

 0Posted on Jul 29th | re: Here's DMX Yelling On An Amusement Park Ride (18 comments)

Where the barf/ where the barf/ where the barf bag?!

That’s nothing, you should’ve seen Billy Corgan at The Chicago Cat Show 2014.

 +2Posted on Jun 26th | re: Watch Eels Cover Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" (5 comments)

I submit that this, THIS types of comments are the real typical hipster douche bag attention whoring . I rest my case.

 +4Posted on Jun 6th | re: Ed Kowalczyk Has Karaoke Advice For Live Fans (2 comments)

That was awesome, someone should give that Gabe fellow his own blog.

 +5Posted on May 15th | re: TV Party: Kitty Talks The Office (8 comments)

If Kelly and Kitty started a punk bank, Kelly’s name would be Kelly Pryde.

This is like in the early 2000s, when Eminem was messing with boy bands; you don’t know who to root for.

 +1Posted on Apr 9th | re: Mixtape Of The Week: Girl Talk & Freeway Broken Ankles (3 comments)

I’ve never really been into Girl Talk as an artist. I saw him on a documentary about copyright issues, talking about how remixing and sampling is a way to create art out of art, and I agree with that, except, he’s probably the worst example of that. Every time I listen to his music I feel like I just watched one of those “Another ____ Movies”, where it’s just references with no narrative. I guess he has good music taste and he’s found a way to market that, so good for him.