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FUCK YES Josephine and the Mousepeople. Y'all should BTW them if you know what's what.
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March 12, 2010 on Pictureplane’s Mtymx Rhinoceropolis Hype Package
This is what happens when Kanye sings into his Xbox.
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February 23, 2010 on Kanye West’s “Coldest Winter” Is Maybe Even Too Cold!
Next year, instead of having 10 pest picture nominees, they should just add a new category for "Best Institutional Racism in a Motion Picture."
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February 2, 2010 on 2010 Academy Award Nominees, Guys
A Terrence Howard Reminder: When the water shortage hits, there will be open and unpunished murder in the streets, so it's OK to pee in the shower sometimes.
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September 22, 2009 on Terrence Howard Would LIke To Remind You To Wash Your Hands
INT: JACKS OFFICE - NOON JACK: Lemon! Come in. LIZ ENTERS JACK (CONT'D): I noticed your name on this year's NATAS Emmy Judging Panel. As you know, the Emmys are being taped broadcast on NBC this year. The Sheinhardt Wig company has a vested interest in your vote for primet-time comedy Lemon, and I trust you to make the right decision. LIZ: Dr Dreamboat's Lost Adventures with the Fart Machine of Time? Jack: Family Guy. Liz: Jack, that show is garbage! Jack: You and I and anyone who can see the ocean from their house know that, Lemon. We need to draw national attention away from the awfulness of Dr Dreamboat. We can maybe squeeze three more seasons out of John Stamos. The only way to do this is by giving Seth McFarlane the scorn that only undeserved critical accolades can bring. Can I trust you? Liz: Blurg! SCENE
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August 20, 2009 on ))<>((
That drummer is a crime against rhythm.
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August 11, 2009 on Vivian Girls Go Acoustic In Austria
Look at his face! He's trying SO HARD to keep from speaking in tongues out of sheer joy!
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August 10, 2009 on We Should All Be So Lucky As To Find Something In This World That Makes Us Happy, Part Two
I know what you are. You're orange, greasy, irresistible, and bad for me. Say it! Sweet potato fries.
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July 30, 2009 on Perhaps The Best Ice Cream Cake In All The World
LISTEN- This is important news, you guys. Ben Silverman is the man who WENT TO BAT for Friday Night Lights. Dude gets it. This is sad because a guy who understands what good things are is now leaving his position of power. The Panthers just lost a booster, dudes. Never forget.
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July 27, 2009 on Something Happened To A White Multi-Millionaire
This is promising! My online identity is so much more likable than my actual identity! Now my web presence can follow me wherever I go. Also my boss can listen to the blog posts I write about hating work- WHILE I'm AT WORK! This is so much easier, you guys! I love the future.
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July 23, 2009 on How I Didn’t Bother To Meet Your Mother
Awesome! Seeing them play with Feist still ranks in my Top 5 shows of all-time.
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July 22, 2009 on New Kings Of Convenience – “Mrs. Cold”
Or the Eternal Stealing Paul McCartney's Royalties. That was classic.
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July 21, 2009 on Michael Jackson Has Entered The Mainframe And Become Pure Energy
Denver go hard. Pictureplane is definitely worth the hype. I dig the hell out of his drawings, too.
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July 15, 2009 on Band To Watch: Pictureplane
Thanks for the time of my life.
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June 26, 2009 on Have A Great Summer And Stay Sweet, You Guys!
Gabe is now the David Foster Wallace of the internet.
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June 25, 2009 on St. Vincent On David Letterman, Because A Deal Is A Deal
man, that kid is going to get so many awkward, painful handjobs.
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June 23, 2009 on Kids Experience The Proudest Moment Of Their Lives The Darndest Things
Is it inappropriate to say you looked Gorgeous in that article that announced your layoff? Also- yikes! I can't imagine having an entire article written about how I don't have a job anymore.
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June 22, 2009 on The Videogum Movie Club: Year One
I also walked out. The best (actually the saddest, worst) thing about this movie was that I was given pity-popcorn from a couple of "Urban Teens" because I looked sad, watching this horrible film alone. Sorry, "Urban Teens" I was sad because I could have been drinking alone with my $10.25 and I wouldn't have to see two men phoning it in so hard that they might as well have been in a telecommunications-themed gay porno. A telecom-themed gay porn would have been much more fun to watch alone, drunk on $10.25 worth of wine. Great weekend.
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June 22, 2009 on The Videogum Movie Club: Year One
Auto-tune? Really?! Green Day? Auto-tune?!! My childhood has officially been raped. This is what you old people must feel like about the Karate Kid movie. I feel your pain now.
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June 22, 2009 on Green Day Provides The Soundtrack For The Punk Rock Nursing Home
Die Softly at a ripe old age surrounded by friends and family
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June 18, 2009 on Best New Party Game 4
Well, that's it. We can give up on ever achieving something. As a people. This is it. The pinnacle of human achievement.
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June 17, 2009 on Some Next Level Keyboard Cat Shit
"I'm a Jay Leno fan" -Everyone you shouldn't listen to.
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June 17, 2009 on Scenes From The Hilariously Pointless “Fire David Letterman” Protest
Wait, so it's actually called "Monsters of Folk?" but none of those people actually make folk music. Confusion.
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June 16, 2009 on Monsters Of Folk Coming Soon
We're going to need a bigger Silence of the Lambs joke.
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June 15, 2009 on Uh Oh, Somebody’s Gay Dad Broke Into The High School A/V Room