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 +7Posted at 10:23am | re: It Sure Seems Like Neil Young's Pono Player Is Bullshit (30 comments)

Musical snake oil. I’m a recording engineer and even I don’t buy into this shit. There’s so much more to making a nice sounding recording than sampling rates.

 0Posted on Jan 29th | re: Steely Dan Albums From Worst To Best (83 comments)

For sure. The whole 70s/80s soft rock/Laurel Canyon thing is finally cool. I dunno, I don’t mind it. At least it’s brought things around to good, tasteful production again (Daft Punk being a prime example of this).

 +1Posted on Jan 29th | re: These Are Pandora's 10 Most Liked Songs Of All Time (29 comments)

Yeah, good (if way overplayed) song. My only gripe is that it takes FOREVER to get to the first chorus.

 0Posted on Jan 29th | re: Watch Barack Obama Sing "Uptown Funk" In Latest BaracksDubs (1 comments)

Thanks Obama.

 +3Posted on Jan 29th | re: These Are Pandora's 10 Most Liked Songs Of All Time (29 comments)

Goo Goo Dolls are one of the biggest bunch of musical opportunist hacks out there. “Oh ripping off The Replacements didn’t work, so I guess we’ll go acoustic…that’s popular now right?” But what do I know–they’re swimming in money McDuck style, and I have to go to work in 45 minutes.

I never noticed it until now but yeah, the vocal melody is pretty much note for note the same as “I Won’t Back Down.” I think it’s not immediately obvious because the chords under the melody are different. But when it comes to songwriting rights, all that matters is vocal melody and lyrics. (Chord sequences for example, like “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” and “Dani California,” are not copyrightable.)

So what you’re telling me is Katy Perry’s a cheapskate.

 0Posted on Jan 16th | re: Watch Sleater-Kinney's High-Kicking Letterman Reunion (21 comments)

Yeah it’s like reverse Peter Hook. Honestly, I think S-K could use a bass player. This isn’t the early 00s anymore–come on!

 +1Posted on Jan 15th | re: Pink Floyd Albums From Worst To Best (115 comments)

Dark Side will always be #1 to me. I think it’s one of the rare cases of it being a band’s most popular album for good reason.

 +6Posted on Jan 15th | re: Please Stop Sending Rivers Cuomo Fan Mail For Incubus (20 comments)

They both have a song called “Pardon Me.” Maybe that’s why?