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Have A Great Summer And Stay Sweet, You Guys!

Dear You Guys,

So for the past 15 months I’ve gotten to help plan and launch a totally unique new website, working with a team made up entirely of people who were already my friends on an idea so crazy it just did work. I got to write about almost anything I wanted and… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / June 26, 2009 - 3:40 pm

Which Former Beauty Queen Should Be Videogum’s New Spokeschick?

Have you ever been to one of those websites where a chick pops up and talks to you about how great the site is while you furiously hunt for the X button? Those chicks don’t come from nowhere — it seems they come from the exciting worlds of local news and/or beauty pageants, and they’re… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / June 26, 2009 - 3:30 pm

Here’s The Gross Thing I Promised: Shark Eats Dead Horse

If you watch it against your better judgment, knowing that it’s not something that you want to watch, you’ll be super mad at me. So rather than shock anyone, here’s a description: some guys were on a fishing trip near Fiji, where the found a floating dead horse that had been recently dumped in the… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / June 26, 2009 - 12:47 pm

Um, It’s A Furry In Diaper!

This is the story of two adult human beings who are into BOTH the furry/plushie fetish AND the infantalism/diaper fetish.They need Microsoft Excel 97 just to keep everything straight! This is safe for work, but I rejected it a few weeks ago as being too weird and creepy for this fine upstanding site. So here… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / June 26, 2009 - 10:31 am

Videogum’s 6 Most Misunderstood Animals (So Far!)

In the past year, I’ve had the sheepish pleasure of becoming somewhat of an expert in the non-lucrative field of cute (and not cute) animal videos, though I really only posted one or two a week. Several times, though, one of our furry friends has appeared here only to be mocked, scorned, teased, and teared… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / June 26, 2009 - 9:58 am

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Patriot, you can finally change your flag!

+9 |
August 2, 2013 on You Can Make It Up: Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, and Jeff Dunham Destroy The Internet

Welcome, Mary!

+9 |
November 27, 2012 on Please Help Us Welcome Mary Miller To The Videogum Family

Are we not mentioning the bald guy in the turquoise sweatshirt who walks right in front and gives a judgmental look at 3:07 for a reason or am I the only loser who watched the whole thing?

+5 |
September 8, 2011 on Goth Dudes Dancing To “Vogue”

I don’t know if I’m having a stroke or what but when I watch this I can SMELL THEM.

+6 |
September 8, 2011 on Goth Dudes Dancing To “Vogue”

Speaking of the Today Show!: Long ago, before you guys were born, Gabe went to the Today Show holding a very special sign. The video is broken (Scott can you fix, pls?) but the photos still tell some of the amazing story of that day:

Though, really, the video is AMAZING. Fix that please.

+14 |
June 8, 2011 on R.I.P. Meredith Vieira And The End Of Flash Mobs

Not to mention the fact that No Strings Attached was CALLED “Friends with Benefits” until like 2 months before it came out. Both movies were called that while in production. There’s also an NBC sitcom called “Friends With Benefits” that might still be put on the schedule in the summer or fall. Jesus, I know way too much about all this terrible crap.

+17 |
March 28, 2011 on Friends With Benefits Trailer, You Guys


+35 |
December 3, 2010 on The Best Viral Video Of 2010

I do that too!!

+15 |
November 29, 2010 on The Walking Dead S01E05: CDCeez Nuts

On the Today Show. Will Ferrell was also on as his character, in a very lame sketch. Free advertising!

+20 |
November 1, 2010 on What Was Tina Fey’s Halloween Costume?

So does Amrit, but, like, out of frame.

+27 |
October 7, 2010 on The Videogum Song Contest: The Finalists