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 +3Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Kendrick Lamar - "i" (91 comments)

Straight Fire!

 +2Posted on Sep 13th | re: Grimes Scraps New Album Because "It Sucked" (81 comments)

You need to chill Bloc. We get it you hate pop music. I hold you personally responsible for destroying my hopes of hearing this album.


 -3Posted on Aug 18th | re: Taylor Swift - "Shake It Off" Video (90 comments)

This song is corny but the good kind of corny.

 +2Posted on Aug 5th | re: Myrkur - "Latvian Fegurð" (20 comments)

Sometimes what you call “product” has more artistic merit than what you might call “art”. This music is very good. It shouldn’t matter that it was made by a Danish model living in Brooklyn or that she used to be a pop singer. Authenticity doesn’t matter if the music isn’t any good. I’ll take good music made by “inauthentic” person over bad music made by someone who you would deem authentic enough.

He’s a Swedish dance producer not Dutch. The Dutch are dealing with horrible things with the flight crash in Ukraine. You can’t also be saying that Avicii is Dutch, there is just so much a nation can handle.

Ohhh snap, what a comeback.

 +4Posted on Feb 7th | re: Franz Ferdinand Turns 10 (63 comments)

Yeah i know it was a miracle how Franz Ferdinand came and liberated me from the prison that these bands had put me in.

But in all seriousness these bands are of course great. What I meant is that i had only been listening to this kind of old/classic guitar rock music for a very long time and was one of those who thought that no new music could ever reach its greatness.

This Franz Ferdinand album changed that perspective and i started to look for new interesting music instead of being just stuck in the past.

 +3Posted on Feb 7th | re: Franz Ferdinand Turns 10 (63 comments)

Amazing album that sort of changed my life (if i allow myself to be dramatic about it). Like mr. mayonaise said, it took me away from these typical classic rock bands that i was listening to at the time. I felt semi cool listening to this CD in school rather than the typical Metallica/Led Zeppelin/Deep Purple thing most guys were listening to at the time.

Regarding the singles and other album cuts. I would like to point out the song Auf Achse which might not surpass the singles in quality, but definitely is in similar quality.

 +1Posted on Jan 9th | re: Watch John Grant Play Letterman (2 comments)

Here is the same song performed on an Icelandic new year’s eve tv show with Sinéad O’Connor and her daughter on background vocals. No bleeping of the word “motherfucker”.