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 +1Posted on Mar 23rd, 2012 | re: The 20 Best K-Pop Videos (127 comments)

Hehe, I’m basically a hypocrite and did the same thing though. Yeah, those were the good old days, can’t blame the writer though, his timeline began in 2009, ironically the exact time kpop started heading downhill(personal): when quality went down and quantity went up.

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Pretty much as expected, BIG BANG and 2NE1 topping the list with the western appeal, and rightfully so, the productions look way more elaborate. It’s also hilarious to see these k-pop fans name dropping their favorite groups to recommend, as delusional and crazy as they might be, they sure are dedicated.

To comment, BEG and BIG BANG are the exception to the “lack of artistic expression” rule. BEG are hardly considered idols since most are nearing their 30s. Although they’ve never hit it big, and maybe because of that, they have more control over their music.

As for BIG BANG, when they first started out, YG was still very much a underground hip-hop company, they basically shaped YG, not the other way around; also the aforementioned fact they write their music, it’s actually not just GD, the others write on their solo albums as well. 2NE1′s image is for the most part fabricated, the same goes for all the rest.

I’d recommend anyone: Dear TV by Tablo
This song is in english to just give you a taste. The dude produces lyrical mindfucks. Although for the rest of his songs you have to search for translations.

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their discography is huge since all members are successful soloists…search them up on youtubedotcom/BIGBANG, there’s plenty more to watch/listen