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 0Posted on Sep 17th | re: Win The Beatles In Mono 14-LP Vinyl Box Set (1088 comments)


(I actually prefer the White Album in Stereo)

 +4Posted on Sep 12th | re: Grimes Scraps New Album Because "It Sucked" (81 comments)

Yeah I have mixed feelings. I didn’t really care for Go. So maybe the criticism got her off the wrong track. But normally Id say its best to ignore these stupid internet commenters like myself.

 0Posted on Sep 12th | re: Watch David Letterman Bring Ryan Adams Back For An Encore (23 comments)

I think they did do another. Only on the web?

They KILLED IT. Thanks for pointing this out. This is a link to the second one, the first one rocks so hard too.

 +3Posted on Sep 10th | re: Watch Interpol Brood Elegantly On Letterman (12 comments)

Weird how Britt Daniel is 8 years older than Paul banks but looks 2 years younger

 +2Posted on Sep 9th | re: Watch Spoon Get Up Close And Personal On Letterman (10 comments)

Are those your drums?

Gonna miss Dave. His reaction to Divine Fits playing is still my favorite all time reaction to a band playing tho. Tyler the Creator was super great too….

 -1Posted on Sep 9th | re: Watch Spoon Get Up Close And Personal On Letterman (10 comments)

Hell yeah.

 0Posted on Sep 6th | re: Album Sales Hit Another All Time Low (9 comments)

This article has a lot of good ideas pertaining toward marketing music toward adults:

 0Posted on Sep 2nd | re: Grimes - "Go" Video (41 comments)

Yeah this is confusing. I like Grimes, but this doesn’t sound… like her stuff. Its weird. It has most of the same basic elements but just doesn’t… sound like an “indie” dance song… it sounds like a radio dance song… if that makes sense…

 0Posted on Sep 2nd | re: Made In America Philadelphia In Words & Photos (3 comments)

Spoon killed it. I kind of liked that it was raining during their set.

 0Posted on Sep 1st | re: TV Party: Mutual Benefit Talks Fullmetal Alchemist (6 comments)

You might be disappointed. Cowboy Bebop is on a whole other level. I think its considered a little more ‘westernized’ than other anime… even the follow up shows by the same director don’t come close.

You might be into the manga Battle Angel Alita. That’s the only thing I’ve found that comes close. NOT last order, just the OG version.