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This is sweet. Nice to hear him more minimal.

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After all this crap…. I’m actually really comfortable with mp3s finally…. if they are 320 they sound real good….. maybe for blasting loud on a stereo the cd or vynl is a bit better but… ehhhh

 0Posted on Jan 27th | re: LCD Soundsystem Turns 10 (36 comments)

P.S. I am shocked to say that I prefer the Steve Miller version on this one! haha.

 0Posted on Jan 27th | re: LCD Soundsystem Turns 10 (36 comments)

Does anyone know if he ever got sued or anything? For the record, I dont think he would deserve to be or should be, but I’m just really curious if he managed to fly under the radar. I can’t tell how popular.

I feel like part of the reason they ended so abrubtly if because he felt the backlash coming and smartly got out in front of it. Most of the song ripoffs are on the third album so I think its really cool he got out when he did instead of running the well dry.

Oh and also ‘home’ strikes me as very similar to ‘this must be the place’

Do you think he could successfully sue last night? Its just the beat mostly, right? I cant hear a melody similarity. I’m glad he didn’t try though. I really don’t think it should be ok to sue about pop songs and simple melodies unless like.. everything is the same. Its a toxic environment for everybody.. you make art by copying other people.. especially at first.

What a chill dude.

Man I must be like tone deaf. I can kind of hear the melody in the chorus is the same at first.. .and then it sounds different to me… the songs are so different in attitude and production…. I remember spoon tweeted about the similarity a while ago but I didn’t think they were that close to warrant the comparison.

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I still love him too despite the fact that he rips off songs 1:1. Like… alll of them. Its a serious problem. But….. I don’t know… his aesthetic is and production are so rock-solid.

ANyway, here’s the list. Some of the are really egregious. See what you think.

Never As Tired As Waking Up = Dear Prudence
North American Scum = Pete Shelley’s “Homosapien”
somebody’s calling me = nightclubbing (iggy pop)
Dance Yrself Clean = Jamaica Running – The pool (the beat.. exactly..)

drunk girls = white light/white heat

There’s more.. Im sure….

But James Murphy’s whole point is his sounds… not his songwriting per se. so. I dunno. I still love him.

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Actually.. it was on Here Come THe Warm Jets

 +1Posted on Jan 20th | re: St. Vincent - "Bad Believer" (8 comments)

Song is pretty sweet. I don’t like the pop music production elements of it (the reverse-reverb type thing that leads into the choruses). She did such a good job of skirting that line with the last album. Id hate for her to sink to GaGa depths of cheesiness.

 0Posted on Jan 13th | re: Premature Evaluation: Sleater-Kinney No Cities To Love (125 comments)

The Walkmen tho?