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 +1Posted on Dec 18th | re: Hear St. Vincent On Marc Maron's WTF (4 comments)

whhaatt?? What are you basing this on?

This makes the part in the interview when marc maron talks about fucking even funnier to me. Because when that happened I was like… damn marc, that is a really sneaky way to get the person you are interviewing to talk about their sex life. But somehow St. Vincent managed to remain calm and tight lipped. Maybe this is part of the reason?

 +1Posted on Dec 18th | re: St. Vincent - "Birth In Reverse" Video (6 comments)

hmm. Theres really no Berkly alum who check stereogum to confirm or deny if it is possible to make it 3 years in Berkley and not know how to read music?

 +2Posted on Dec 17th | re: St. Vincent - "Birth In Reverse" Video (6 comments)

Hey somewhat unrelated. Does anyone have any insight to a claim i keep hearing her repeat. Which is that she can’t read sheet music. She said it again on WTF.

How can you get into Berkley and not read music?? And spend three years there and not read music?? That sounds impossible to me. I am trying to work my way through the Berkley book for guitar right now…. its all sheet music

 +2Posted on Dec 17th | re: St. Vincent - "Birth In Reverse" Video (6 comments)

Man I love St. Vincent. Absolutely a huge fan of her. But this video just seems like a pop video. And the editing at the beginning is… not great. I usually love her videos, they are like mini art films. This is the first that doesn’t blow me away. The ending at least looks cool.

I really hope she doesn’t try and “go mainstream” and become a full blown pop star like GaGa or Katy Perry. That would be a real shame and travesty to her talent. Prolly she is just too exhausted form all her touring to dedicate time to a real serious video.

 0Posted on Dec 8th | re: Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor Wrote A Cookbook (3 comments)

actually i take that back. this interview is here is cool. he seems like a dope dude.

 -1Posted on Dec 8th | re: Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor Wrote A Cookbook (3 comments)

Although i love grizzley bears music in real life they seem to be the worst kind of yuppies

 0Posted on Dec 5th | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 (530 comments)

This is not…. a good list….

St. Vincent and Spoon too low… wtf is taylor swift doing so hi? Just for pure trolling?

Glad to see Angel Olsen up there along with War On Drugs, Future Islands. Not sure what Jenny Lewis is doing up there so high….

ehh whatevs it rly doesnt even seem like the ‘gum thought that hard about this list or even cared about. Just trying to get back to their clickbait as fast as possible.

 +9Posted on Dec 5th | re: Bradford Cox Hospitalized After Car Accident (8 comments)

god the real world really sucks sometimes. I hope he has a speedy and full recovery.

 0Posted on Dec 4th | re: Chromatics Announce New Album Dear Tommy (13 comments)

super psyched

but uh. Why is that Divine Fits album cover so cloudy?

 0Posted on Nov 30th | re: Watch A Teaser For St. Vincent's Record Store Day 10" "Pieta" (5 comments)

The faster speed. 45 I think.