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 0Posted on Aug 21st | re: Who Should Arcade Fire Cover In Brooklyn? (56 comments)

this is a terrible list you guys came up with. congratulations.

 0Posted on Aug 21st | re: Deaf Wish - "St Vincent's" (1 comments)

blH. thought this was a new annie clark song.

He’s the man. He got in a photobooth with my two friends. Thats three dudes squished in a tiny photobooth. Real dedication to fans there.

For the first time I am on Kanye’ side…

Its a rough song for people try to cover….. the original is just so good…. like some of these, batforlash, chromatics…cash… etc….

 +1Posted on Aug 4th | re: Inside Spoon's Creepy Secret Show At NYC’s McKittrick Hotel (19 comments)

I feel you. I’m going anyway, personally. Only for spoon. Gonna brave all those teenagers on “the molly”. And then peace out. I’m at peace with this decision.

Plus. Grimes.

 0Posted on Aug 2nd | re: Diarrhea Planet - "Spooners" (4 comments)

ah clicked on this thinking it was a new Spoon single

To die by bodyguard is such a heavenly way to die?

 +3Posted on Jul 30th | re: Premature Evaluation: Spoon They Want My Soul (100 comments)

I assumed you meant listen to ‘fitted shirt’

 +2Posted on Jul 29th | re: Premature Evaluation: Spoon They Want My Soul (100 comments)

Naw way man. I love how it jostles between a practice recording and cleaner studio overdubs. I think it adds a sweet rawness to the whole thing.