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FAKE. No where in America is your pizza delivered by a white lady!
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February 23, 2011 on Pizza Saves Lives
Damn those were some hi-res images! Definitely the "Avatar" of Croc montages.
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February 23, 2011 on A Moving Tribute To Crocs
I realized the exact same thing last night!
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February 14, 2011 on Saturday Night Live: Russell Brand and Chris Brown
I was disappointed in him this week. That Bill O'Reilly impression was super weak. Halfway through the sketch I forgot who he was supposed to be impersonating.
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February 14, 2011 on Saturday Night Live: Russell Brand and Chris Brown
Ghost ridin' the whip made the cut! Thanks Gabe!
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December 22, 2010 on The Best Viral Videos Of 2010: A Retrospective OR? Pretty much one in the same, Bing. Also, she's a foot model too! No more walking.
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December 7, 2010 on That’s Your Hand Model Girlfriend: Ellen Sirot
I'm really enjoying this thread. I stated my distaste for the show to my friends last week and was crucified for it. Sigh. Of course... everyone on the internwebs understands me.
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December 1, 2010 on Entire Walking Dead Writing Staff Fired
I didn't want to deal with the crowds so I saw "Skyline" instead and HOLY HELL is it the WORST pile of shit I've seen in... I can't even remember. Respectfully submitted for WMOAT.
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November 22, 2010 on Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part One Open Thread
Meth is so two thousand and late. I'm high on 'zing right now!
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November 18, 2010 on How Should They Update The Wizard Of Oz For Today’s Very Cool Youth?
I feel like this trailer made a significant contribution to my LOLk. I can retire early!
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November 17, 2010 on Cowboys And Aliens Trailer, You Guys
This seems oddly out of character for Gabe as he is a crumudgeon/senior citizen. I think a strongly worded letter written to the bigshots at the television council would be more effective! On a related note... no one writes letters anymore. In Gabe's day you were issued a calligraphy set and you liked it!
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November 9, 2010 on Sign The Petition To End Reporting Of The Late Night Ratings Race
Did anyone else notice that she called them "errorplanes"? I think she should fly her errorplane directly into the Purification Volcano on Failure Island.
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November 8, 2010 on That’s Your Girlfriend: Colleen Thomas
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November 4, 2010 on Let’s Fix The Poster For Mel Gibson’s The Beaver
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November 4, 2010 on Let’s Fix The Poster For Mel Gibson’s The Beaver
Srsly. #1 on Gabe's list should be PHOTOSHOP.
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October 26, 2010 on What You Will Need For Tonight’s Sex And The City 2 Viewing Party
Is this real? This can't be real. That doesn't look like a real baby. For the first 10 seconds I honestly thought it was a made-in-Japan android baby. I'm still not convinced my instincts were wrong.
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October 26, 2010 on Babies Be Prayin’!
You're doing it RIGHT. Something that barely exists in the first place doesn't leave a lot of room for creativity. It's like using a color for a jumping off point and your color is "clear".
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October 26, 2010 on Teen Korner: Silly Bandz: The Videogame
The Hurt Litter (box)
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October 25, 2010 on Kitten Bomb!
Come to Daddy, obvs. (shudder)
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October 22, 2010 on Luke Perry Poses With Luke Perry At Dragon Con
I like how Liam Neeson is getting all the parts that would have gone to Harrison Ford 10 years ago. Has this been mentioned before? I feel like it has but can't remember. Voluntary Friday amnesia over here.
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October 22, 2010 on Unknown Trailer, You Guys
I always thought the preview's for the next week were frustratingly obtuse on purpose in order to drive you to for that "extended look". NOPE. They show half of what seems to be a non-essential scene from the upcoming episode. Foiled again!
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September 28, 2010 on Mad Men S04E10: S#!T My Don Pukes
My cat's breath smells like cat food.
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September 22, 2010 on Super Nintendo Chalmers Open Thread
Meh. I was actually fast forwarding through a lot of this episode. Not a good sign for a half-hour comedy. Not season pass worthy quite yet. Also, hi guys! Been away for a while? Did I miss anything?
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September 22, 2010 on Running Wilde Is A New TV Show