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Wow. Between your comment and the "Mommies" video my 90's nostalgia bucket is nearly full for the day. Hooray!
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June 29, 2010 on Who ISN’T On The Forbes Celebrity 100?
It was called "The Mommies" (how apropos). I'm actually shocked that I can remember that after 8 solid years of drugs & alcohol, but the mind is a wondrous thing. And if you ask me Google was right on target if it wasn't able to scrape the bottom of the pop culture garbage can and find these ladies.
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June 29, 2010 on Now You, Too, Can Have A Mom-Shaped Body!
I can see past a lot of this bullshit because A) I actually remember their meteoric rise to daytime television and B) the early 90's were a strange, confusing time... BUT what's going on with those Disney princess Halloween costumes? Wardrobe!
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June 29, 2010 on Now You, Too, Can Have A Mom-Shaped Body!
She's a real "see you next apocalypse"
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June 29, 2010 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: We Live In An Embarrassing Time
*Costco. Bonus: If you don't smoke Tarrylton's, then fuck you.
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June 29, 2010 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: We Live In An Embarrassing Time
Laters..... What? You won't be in tomorrow? Have a great weekend!
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June 28, 2010 on Kristin Chenoweth Let The Actress In Her Take Over!
I enjoy the "Foggy Monocle"-esque title of this post immensely.
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June 28, 2010 on A Strong Man Works Out With His Assistant For The First Time In Three Months
Fuckn hell. Apparently we both gravitated toward the same line. Didn't see that. Sorry, Funkles. Not jocking your style intentionally!
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June 24, 2010 on It Is Getting Harder And Harder Not To Fall In Love With Zach Anner
"Hey, Drew Barrymore, you look like you have a palsy. Wanna get a gelato?" Srsly, how can anyone not like this guy?
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June 24, 2010 on It Is Getting Harder And Harder Not To Fall In Love With Zach Anner
Sam Kass is totally dreamy. I'd share an apron with him any day. *groan* Don't worry, I'll see myself out...
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June 24, 2010 on Top Chef S07E02: Why Are You Hitting Yourself, Nerd?!
Bristol Palin IS Yo-Yo Ma #worstbiopics. Were still playing this, right?
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June 24, 2010 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: Bristol Palin Is Bad At Acting
No, I agree that the spill is directly BP/Transocean's fault for not following safety protocol and not having the technology to fix the spill. I'm just saying that it's a cop out for everyone to rail against them and boycott them as they get in their cars and just buy gas somewhere else. The situation in the Gulf is horrible and disgusting, but that ecosystem will rebound. Mother Nature can handle acute situations. It's collectively everyone's fault for not pushing their government representatives to fund alternative energy or changing their consumption habits. BP is selling a product that there's a market for. No market for oil, no oil production, no spills. We've been having this conversation since Nixon. Although not an expert I'm pretty well-read on environmental issues, I can assure you that all of the greenhouse gases emitted for transportation, building heating/cooling, production of food and goods, etc. in the past month is far more harmful for the planet than the oil in the Gulf. Also, I didn't realize he had a stroke. I read it wrong (I was at work!) and thought he died on the boat whilst catching fish. So, a tip of my hat to you on that one Robin. Downvote away! (silently)
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June 23, 2010 on Deadliest Catch Open Thread
Keep it up Super! and one of her 47 cats will eat your face off.
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June 23, 2010 on Quote Of The Day
This is probably why
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June 23, 2010 on EXCLUSIVE: First Look At The Script For The Good Luck Trolls Movie (P.S. They Are Making A Good Luck Trolls Movie)
Personally, I think they should show it. If only for the reason that people don't understand what happens before the food hits their plate. Maybe they'll appreciate those crab legs a little more if they know that some guy with a family DIED trying to catch them. Then again, everyone likes to blame BP for the spill when they do nothing to curb their own oil consumption or become willing to pay more for alternative energy. Off topic, but whatevs. I stand by my tangents.
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June 23, 2010 on Deadliest Catch Open Thread
I like how this is targeted at moms. Because, knowing my mom, she'd totally be like "Finally... an Amber Alert PSA for the rest of us!" or something like that. Also, boo!
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June 23, 2010 on Well, This Amber Alert PSA Is Completely Terrifying And Also Nonsense