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“Insensitivity” is a decent word for it.

I think the desegregation of music and culture actually causes a lot of it – an awful lot of people, especially those who grew up with hip-hop, think they can just dive into a culture that used to be held closely but now is shared openly, without thinking about how bad that can look if it’s not done carefully.

What I would have liked is for Sky Ferreira to have a bit more of a backstory as to why she chose to make this particular video. As it stands, it looks like she did it just because she thought it would be cool. Which, despite her protests to the contrary, implies she isn’t the mature adult she believes herself to be.

We all have been or will be insensitive at some point, some of us much more publicly than others. The best thing to do is to tune out the screamers and those who live to judge, and try to learn from it.

Actually, the issue is trying to make it super-uncomplicated when in fact it’s VERY complicated.

And that is not to say that she didn’t perhaps make the mistake of choosing a form and subject for her video that wouldn’t obviously be put up to scrutiny.

My personal verdict: it’s not racist, but it’s not necessarily racially sensitive, and not particularly self-aware.

Is it possible…just possible…that some people actually don’t “see” (i.e., get knotted up about or sidestep) race?

I know it’s the neocon’s defense of all things racist, but honest to God there are people raised in multicultural households, and who might even identify with music predominantly associated with another race, and maybe even see themselves blending in with that, even though the rest of us see them sticking out like the pale thumbs that they are?

Really, what people are saying by continuing to take her to task is “I don’t believe her.” And taking this on an individual-case basis – the ONLY honest way to take an issue such as this – I think she’s a little over-the-top with her protests, but stripped of her opinions the basic facts seem honest.

 +1Posted on Apr 14th | re: Watch Pharrell's Star-Studded Coachella Performance (5 comments)

Oh, and he was clearly using a “live assist” recorded vocal to double with on some of the trickier numbers. Standard these days, especially when the recorded version was doubled to begin with, but it makes you look bad when you stop singing along with it.

 +2Posted on Apr 14th | re: Watch Pharrell's Star-Studded Coachella Performance (5 comments)

If you listen to his live performances since he “discovered” singing (or in N.E.R.D.), he’s got a pretty fragile voice to begin with, when he’s not just using the 4-5-note midrange of his “featured” song cameos. Also, the dust may trigger allergies. (As a fellow singer whose range goes to crap with even a teensy bit of pollen in the air, I can relate.)

 +4Posted on Mar 25th | re: Pharrell Has Some Interesting Thoughts About Hillary Clinton (31 comments)

Nigel Tufnel: You see how your blood looks blue….
Marty DiBergi: That’s just the color of the vein. The blood is actually red.
Nigel Tufnel: Oh. Then maybe it’s not green. Anyway…this is what I sleep in sometimes.

 -3Posted on Mar 25th | re: Pharrell Has Some Interesting Thoughts About Hillary Clinton (31 comments)

Actually, he’s forcing out-of-work people to get free insurance. Way to stick it to the unemployed, Obama!

 +2Posted on Mar 21st | re: The Black Keys Announce Turn Blue; "Fever" Out Monday (6 comments)

Remember when Robert Plant said that if they were to ever do “backward masking” the message would be “buy more records”?

Well, this…um…hold on a second. I have the uncontrollable urge to pull out my credit card…

Au contraire. I think he fully considered the advantages…although the return rate may be a bit high as people discover that thing they bought on Kickstarter while they were high doesn’t actually play video at all.