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 +1Posted on Aug 26th | re: Watch Weird Al Make Up TV Theme Song Lyrics On The Emmys (4 comments)

I had to stop watching when DailyEffingMotion interrupted Weird Al to play another ad.

God, I hate DailyMotion.

 +1Posted on Aug 24th | re: VMAs 2014 Videos, GIFs, Vines, & Winners List (21 comments)

She follows in the hard-rockin’ footsteps of Jethro Tull.

Or, does it mean that he doesn’t understand, that his mind isn’t working properly and is deserving of our sympathy and help, not our hatred and scorn?

My primary internal issue with the whole suicide debate is that it implies that the same sympathy, understanding and love is due to anyone who kills *others* due to the forces in their minds being “different” than ours. I do think that our desire to see “evil” in murderers prevents us from understanding the mental-health problems involved in most killings, and a healthier, more supportive environment would prevent a lot of murder.

And you could extrapolate that to any number of crimes and behaviors – the human brain is a fragile thing.

Suicide is a complex, non-cookie-cutter concept that seems to be oversimplified right now out of emotion. I expect my statement will also be oversimplified and downvoted, but so be it.

 +6Posted on Aug 18th | re: Taylor Swift - "Shake It Off" Video (90 comments)

That is actually one catchy-ass song.

And you will NEVER hear me admit that in public.

 +3Posted on Aug 12th | re: Ryan Adams Spent $100k On Scrapped LP, Defends Lousy Oasis Album (36 comments)

There were some damn good songs on Be Here Now.

There may have been a few too many instruments on some of them, but some damn good songs.

 0Posted on Aug 8th | re: Tom Petty Albums From Worst To Best (67 comments)

Petty might mention roads in his songs almost as much as Springsteen does.

 +2Posted on Aug 8th | re: Mysterious Artist Lewis Found (7 comments)

This leaves us all with only one option: we must find his hometown and hold Lewisstock.

 +1Posted on Aug 6th | re: Tom Petty Albums From Worst To Best (67 comments)

They still perform “Angel Dream” and “Walls” a lot more than “Jammin’ Me.” (If you think Petty ever outright disowned an album, Let Me Up would be it.)

 +3Posted on Aug 5th | re: Tom Petty Albums From Worst To Best (67 comments)

I voice mild disagreement. Most of the better TP albums have a kind of internal logic, even a consistent mood that make them a great continuous listen even if all of the songs aren’t A-1. His stretch of ’90s albums might be the best for this.

 0Posted on Aug 5th | re: Tom Petty Albums From Worst To Best (67 comments)

It was written for him. It’s from A Hard Day’s Night.