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It’s not even being “politically correct.” All Smith was trying to do was be the responsible adult in the room, and there’s been such a resulting Twitstorm (4chan posters can and do also use Twitter accounts to spread their shit) that it could reasonably be called news. He didn’t even go after his bandmate – he just tried to make clear his stance on that kind of thing.

Perez was pretty much just being That Drunk Idiot At The Party Trying Too Hard To Impress The Other Drunk Idiots, except he did it on a much more public scale.

 +12Posted on Dec 14th | re: DIIV Respond To Controversy Over Bassist's Hateful 4Chan Comments (75 comments)

Is there a single positive contribution to society that can be attributed to 4chan?

 0Posted on Dec 8th | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 (530 comments)

TAYLOR SWIFT is higher on this list than SPOON.

I remember when Stereogum would mercilessly mock other sites for stuff like that.

 +7Posted on Dec 6th | re: Making Sense Of The 2015 Grammy Nominations (76 comments)

My only amazement is that ANYONE, EVER, expected the Grammys to be relevant at any time, past, present or future.

Why are people not throwing coins at the Bank of America lady? Two birds, one stone, so to speak.

 0Posted on Nov 20th | re: Steve Albini Still Loves Online Streaming, Hates Miley Cyrus (35 comments)

His “cred” is based on working with artists with their own “cred” who SOUGHT HIM OUT as their producer. Because they felt like HE was the guy to help them make a better record.

I’m not sure how that’s a slam. It’s actually a recommendation.

And you need to read his speech a little better. His own music (which is actually pretty well known) has been distributed almost entirely via independent labels.

Regardless of who he has produced and what deals they have signed, Albini’s own music career has been in opposition to the major-label system, period, full stop. It’s a fact whether you believe it or not.

(I can’t believe I’m rabidly defending Steve Albini.)

 0Posted on Nov 20th | re: Steve Albini Still Loves Online Streaming, Hates Miley Cyrus (35 comments)

If what you’re saying is that we’d be lucky if 2% of musicians ever make enough money to call it a career…

…That would be the same as it ever was.

 0Posted on Nov 20th | re: Steve Albini Still Loves Online Streaming, Hates Miley Cyrus (35 comments)

I’m not a Steve Albini music fan either, and I’ve always thought of him as kind of a git.

However, in this piece he hits it SPOT. ON. Especially how the Major Labels never DID, and never WILL, work in the interest of indie artists. They had their own monopoly, right down to price-fixing, that independents had to fight tooth and nail to get past.

For 95% of artists, there has NEVER been any money in music, period. It’s a hard, hard Red Pill to swallow for a young guy with a guitar who thinks the only reason he’s being held down is that Spotify is screwing him on the royalties he should be getting for his 258 listens, but it really is how it goes down.

Now the majors are trying to convince everyone that it’s the little guys who are the real victims here, so that random guys-with-guitars get behind their battle for moar profits.

 0Posted on Nov 20th | re: Dave Grohl Weighs In On Taylor Swift Vs. Spotify (47 comments)

That is, until the labels figured it out in the late ’70s/80s and started demanding big cuts of publishing money from new acts.

 +11Posted on Nov 15th | re: Neil Young Says "Goodbye Starbucks" In Angry Open Letter (33 comments)

Peet’s has horrible quality control. (And they’re foreign-owned, if that part bothers you.)

In fact, I’d say that Starbucks major advantage is the fact that I can get a mocha in Seattle, New York or Tokyo and it will taste almost exactly the same.

I’d recommend neither, though, and suggest you do what a huge number of Seattle residents do: patronize your local independent coffee shops.