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YOU HAVE TO be 15 years old and a complete Moron at 15 to say that

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Michael Jackson is the number ONE pedophile what did Michael “”"Write”" that is soooooooooooooo great compared to the Beatles? how about one FOURTH of the Beatles? He had impact true ….but more than the Beatles? You are on crack dude. Beatle s did it all in ten years and then had careers after that. why even reply…..its so obvious. WHere is CCR….I cant believe I missed them.

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I also think Abba deserves EVERY BIT of being on the list. Many do not realize that at one time they were the MOST SUCCESSFUL BAND IN THE WORLD DOMINATING EUROPE. ABBA makes me happy.

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I think the list was BADLY skewed with young voters and black voters that were over represented. Lets put it this way M&M is by FAR the best rapper ever but is not as high as several rappers. Alicia Keyes? Are you serious? on this list. ELvis is the greatest single Performer of all time. He changed Music. He wrote he played he entertained.He is dead thirty years and people still visit him. How he is not Number 2 I dont get it. Michael Jackson is HUGE and deserves high status but NOT NUMBER TWO He had a long young career and then really became huge. . No Eagles? Are you Kidding? Chicago Not on the list? I also understand that Jimi Hendrix is (one of the) greatest guitar players but he was only around ten minutes deserves to be on the list for sure but like Janis Joplin. thats a lot of romantic bummer they died as junkies voting. He was great his singing was Ok He did not change music in my opinion as much as Nirvana another unfortunate story. He was almost always a drugged up drug addict playing below his potential. Imagine if he wasnt stoned out of his head all the time!! Whoopie. Other artists that put in Many years deserve more credit that a bunch of Heroin junkies that died a few years after they started. My top ten would be as follows….

1. Beatles so obvious (leaving Lennon and McCartney off additional) The added careers of the separate Beatles added to this makes it a runaway.
2. Elvis also obvious (remember dummies the KING out ranks the Prince of pop and Prince
3. Bob Dylan I would accept him at number two He wrote half the songs everyone sang but could NOT sing like Elvis or dance or carry a crowd like the KING.
4. Led Zeppelin Changed heavy metal to a standard so high Best hard rock writer Best Drummer Best Front man for heavy rock (sorry Ozzy)
5. Michael Jackson Moon walk Thriller biggest album ever
6. Prince always coming in second to Michael but Prince is like Dylan writing tons of songs other people sing. Prince did NOT change Music like Michael did.
7.Madonna By far the greatest female performer ever. Amazing songs and voice. She deserves to be in the top ten though I am not much of a fan personally.
8. Bob Marley….because he represented an entire Genre of Music from which stemmed other music and he is so distinct a true icon.
9.Eric Clapton SO much to say I cant believe he is not on the top ten. Mentioning him as a member of Cream only is a disgrace to this list. how many decades does he have to have top rated songs?
10.U2 top band of the 80′s and the 90′s what the hell else do you have to do. they are hugeness. you cant dominate two decades and not be on the list.

Honorable mentions
Bruce Springstein
Johnny Cash
Neil Young
Elton John
Jimi Hendrix
Pink Floyd

Where is Buddy Holly? Eagles? Chicago?
One more time I LOVE ALicia Keyes but beyonce and Alicia….neither belong here