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Portland label Dropping Gems will soon release their fourth annual Gem Drops compilation, and today you can hear the contribution made to that comp by James Hinton, aka the Range, titled “Rayman.” The song is only three-and-a-half-minutes long, and Hinton takes his time building it up, but ultimately hits the sort of blissed-out peak that his songs often strive for. Listen to it below.

One of the best qualities of Breadcrumb Trail — Lance Bangs’ fantastic documentary on Slint, released earlier this year — is the wealth of rare footage Bangs’ unearthed, and how naturally it flows into the story. No mention is made of the great effort required to obtain that footage; Bangs simply includes it where it needs to be, and lets it speak for itself. When the film’s focus turns to Squirrel Bait — the pre-Slint band featuring Brian McMahan and Britt Walford (as well as a pre-Gastr Del Sol David Grubbs) — there is naturally some old video of that band playing. However, this was actually the only known live footage of Squirrel Bait, and now label Drag City has made it available to watch online. The clip was shot by David Hintz in 1985 in Newport, Kentucky, and restored by Bangs. It features the band playing the song “Sun God” from their self-titled EP, and offhandedly mentioning another show opening for Big Black — which makes sense, as only a few years later, Steve Albini would help Slint record their debut album, Tweez. Watch it below.

Nick Zammuto is getting ready to release Anchor, the second album of his post-Books solo career. We already heard the bloopy breeziness of “Great Equator,” and now he’s released a very different offering, “Hegemony.” The new one features hard-hitting live percussion before shifting into a crunchy guitar solo to close things out. It’s a far cry from the sample-filled folk music of early releases by the Books, but it also feels like a direction Zammuto has been heading in for years. Listen to it over on NPR.


 +1Posted on Jul 17th | re: Scott Walker & Sunn O))) Soused Details (5 comments)

two albums in TWO YEARS. Sorry about that typo, my excitement got the better of me.

And yeah while I was writing the post in the office I was saying what you said almost verbatim! I had just the slightest misgiving, but now that it’s clear this was written by Walker (and just as importantly it’s co-produced by Peter Walsh who has been so essential to making Climate Of Hunter, Tilt, The Drift, and Bish Bosch what they are in terms of sound design) I’m so much more excited about this.

Also I couldn’t agree more about the live performances. I’ve got very high hopes that this will be the album he’ll be able to actually play. I can’t even imagine what it would be like. I’m not sure if you’ve seen Sunn O))) play live but it’s one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever experienced.

 +2Posted on Jul 14th | re: Melvins' Buzz Osborne Pissed Off The KISS Army (6 comments)

You’re right, I had KISS’ solo series on my mind, but just fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out.

And hey, don’t beat yourself up about misspelling “they,” everybody makes mistaks!

 +4Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Scott Walker And Sunn O))) Announce Collaborative Album (6 comments)

I needed to maintain a somewhat professional tone in the post but….OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST NEWS.

 0Posted on Jun 26th | re: Ovlov Break Up (UPDATE: Just Kidding) (7 comments)

I appreciate that. I thought it was best if I was the one to post it though. They’re a band I really loved writing about, and it’s nice to do something on them one last time (though I’m hoping these guys will be making music in other ways).

 0Posted on Jun 24th | re: Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2014 (183 comments)

I like Salad Days! There’s just other stuff I liked this year more.

That said – as a fellow fan of pinball I’ve really respected Mac DeMarco since I saw him mention his love for Simpsons Pinball Party, which is like a Top 5 (maybe Top 3) table for me.

 +4Posted on Jun 24th | re: Pallbearer - "The Ghost I Used To Be" (15 comments)

FTFY: “This wait will be unPallbearerable”

 +2Posted on Jun 24th | re: Someone Paid $46k For That Aphex Twin LP On Ebay (1 comments)

The person who bought the record was Notch, who designed the indie game Minecraft. I don’t think the price must have been too big a deal for him since he’s made about $150 million since his game launched a couple years ago. Still, he must be a pretty big Aphex Twin fan.

True story – My older brother knew a guy who got his house essentially taken over by a gang of Juggalos in Worcester, MA. He was forced to leave while they proceeded to just destroy the place.

 0Posted on Jun 18th | re: Music Go Music - "Nite After Nite" (2 comments)

Just fixed that. Thanks for the heads up.

 +9Posted on Jun 17th | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far (253 comments)

So these are my honorable mentions:

Hannah Diamond & A. G. Cook – “Keri Baby”/“Attachment”/“Pink & Blue”
Nmesh – Dream Sequins®
Liars – Mess
Kishi Bashi – Lighght