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Christoph and Anton Hochheim are probably best known for their involvement in Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, and to a much lesser extent the now defunct shoegaze/chiptune group Depreciation Guild (whose initial releases were so dear to me in high school that I actually quietly boycotted Pains when they first came out). The twin brothers also perform in Ablebody, a project that contains the great qualities they’ve brought to those other bands. The newest single “After Hours” builds a fog of romantic haze, with the brothers’ jangly guitar and heavy drums shining through like the bulb from a lighthouse. Listen to it below and grab the 7″ when they go on tour with Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

Ty Segall played Coachella last week and worked in something old, something new, and something Motörhead. The first part of his set touched on his Album Of The Week-honored Slaughterhouse, then moved into a trio of new songs (“Green Belly,” “Tall Man Skinny Lady,” and “Feel,” according to the setlist), before landing on a cover of “Motörhead” by Motörhead. Watch the entire performance below.

Chvrches are taking a bit of a victory lap in 2014 after their rise to success last year. In addition to focusing on other upcoming artists through their new label, the trio will being going on a US tour with the Range (aka James Hinton) and reissuing The Bones Of What You Believe with some alternate versions of “Recover,” “The Mother We Share,” and “Gun.” Below you can listen to the Range’s remix of “We Sink” and the alternate version of “The Mother We Share.”


 +2Posted on Apr 15th | re: Swans - "Oxygen" (8 comments)

“people who like to have their neural cavities caved in by music” <<< That should be my new job title here.

Don’t forget “Inspector Norse” !

 +1Posted on Mar 21st | re: Hear A Track From American Football's Deluxe Reissue (1 comments)

Just about the perfect time for this to come out. Also worth checking out Saint Pepsi’s “Unhappy” that we posted on last year which is built around samples from “The Summer Ends” off this album.

 0Posted on Mar 17th | re: Lykke Li - "Du Är Den Ende" (5 comments)

Thanks for pointing that out! We just updated the post.

 +2Posted on Mar 17th | re: Stream Liars Mess (7 comments)

Yeah I think everyone is forgetting this is coming out! They put out 1 single a few months ago, and aside from a remix there’s been very little in terms of any promotion. My understanding is that this is how the band has wanted it so more power to them.

Either way the album really does speak for itself, and I already know from last summer that this stuff destroys live.

 +5Posted on Mar 15th | re: The Week In Pop: It's Time We All Agreed That Coldplay Is Great (181 comments)

huh, just saw this thread. Hey, everybody!

 0Posted on Mar 5th | re: of Montreal - "Jigsaw Puzzle" (Stereogum Premiere) (3 comments)

Yep it’s corrected now.

Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) has been live tweeting the stream for the last two hours and it’s hilarious.

 0Posted on Feb 13th | re: Album Of The Week: Actress Ghettoville (20 comments)

Just corrected that, thanks!

Badger also shows up a few times as the pizza delivery guy in How I Met Your Mother. And a few times as a coffee delivery guy in Community.