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i don’t hear any b. gibbard; mr. rogue’s consonant-slurring style of singing is still there, and it’s nothing like gibbard (or a. young, for that matter).

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whoa that’s a crazy observation! i never connected “dental care” and “umbrella” to life is full of possibilities. personally owl city sounds much more over-processed and almost auto-tuned in a way, whereas “give up” just has such a gritty, analog-feel to it. i understand the comparison between o.c. and the postal service, but like others have noted, i don’t want give o.c. much credit.

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what do you mean? the vocal reverb or the guitar reverb? either way: he’s in a small radio studio room, so there’s not much natural reverb to be had, thus the artificial hardware/plug-in reverb that you hear. you’ll notice his guitar is plugged into one of those marshall mS2 mini guitar amps, which i’m assuming is providing the reverb aspect for the guitar. so it “doesn’t sound natural” because it… isn’t natural. let me know if i completely misunderstood you’re comment; i don’t want to sound like an jerk or something.

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now that is a good song.

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disclaimer: i consider death cab to be my favorite band.

that being said, i am trying to fight two very strong impulses: 1) to like whatever death cab creates (a ridiculous thing to do for Any band, really); 2) dislike Anything associated with twilight or new moon (as they are truly ridiculous).

it’s a paradox, of sorts, and it’s frustrating. nonetheless, a 41 second preview doesn’t quite expose the whole song, so i suppose it isn’t worth deciding whether it’s wonderful or horrid. yet…