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This is a sad hour. But I have to give props to Katherine Chloe Cahoon. That was a cool move. Now we just need Topher Grace to show his respects.
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February 7, 2014 on Life Is A Highway, You Guys
One of the reasons I started reading videogum regularly was the hilarious Gossip Girl recaps. I had never seen the show, but would get stitches just reading the recaps. I think the line about Jenny looking "like a Russian mail-order bride determined to become the second richest woman in all of New Jersey" really cemented the love for me.
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February 7, 2014 on Entourage S08E08: Series Finale
this is worse than finding a bag full of snakes
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February 3, 2014 on Hey Guys, We Have To Talk To You About Something
there's a photo of me on my first day of kindergarden sporting the fountain. it was the only hairstyle my mom knew how to do because she always had short hair.
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January 31, 2014 on This Is Just A Good 8-Year-Old’s Friends Script
i tried to write a play when i was little set in the jazz age, but just looked up popular 1920s phrases on the internet and then tried to order them into some sort of conversation. i also remember writing another "play" about a teen romance where the girls were in love with guys who didn't want to do anything but watch star wars on repeat. little did i know it was foreshadowing for the majority of my adult relationships.
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January 31, 2014 on This Is Just A Good 8-Year-Old’s Friends Script
I think I rolled my eyes for the full 90 minutes of the second episode. Third episode is solid though.
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January 21, 2014 on SHERLOCK IS BACK!
i recently got engaged and realized my fiancee was about to propose awhile before he did it. we were sat outside on a bench and i made him wait until nobody was within ear shot before he asked. :)
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January 15, 2014 on Public Marriage Proposal: Peter Pan And Wendy Edition
i told my hair dresser that i've been putting coconut oil in my hair and asked him if it was a good idea. he said not to put food in my hair, but it makes it so soft i'm going to ignore his advice! he also told me about a woman who puts garlic in her hair and said it stunk so bad it nearly made him sick.
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January 9, 2014 on Gwyneth Paltrow Runs A Lemonade Stand With Apple And Moses
my boyfriend once told me he was taking a quick nap before work in the spare bedroom. then around 3pm i went in there and found him asleep with a winter hat on and the covers pulled up. i tried to shake him awake and was greeted by his snowboard gear and a soccer ball with a cat mask on it ... boyfriends be prankin.
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November 21, 2013 on That’s Your Boyfriend: The Guy Who Prank Confessed To Cheating On You For Your Anniversary
oh my goodness! i saw this movie last halloween and it is one of the worst movies i have ever seen! the scariest part about it was seeing the disparity between the careers of kelly mcgillis and tom cruise. he looks exactly the same as he did in top gun and she does not at all resemble charlie!
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October 3, 2013 on The Videogum SpoOoOoky Movie Club: The Innkeepers
i had to put on workaholics too! it proved to be too goofy to do any good though.
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September 17, 2013 on Breaking Bad S05E14: “REALLY? REALLY?! TRY TO BREATHE?!”
earrings and a mullet. that baby is making a strong statement!
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August 9, 2013 on Rude Dad Plays Horrible Prank On Baby
i don't think it's right to excuse people by saying they are "from a different time." my mom who is 55 used to use that to excuse her mother who is now 90. if people who are thirty years apart can use the same excuse then it falls apart. paula deen is a mother and a grandmother and she's passing down her intolerance to her children and their children. at my horrible job i'm always going on about freelance people come in sometimes when we don't have enough staff. one of these guys came in and was telling me about a time when he had a black boss. he said he told his boss "i'm white and you're black. you can't tell me what to do." he also said that he shouldn't have to do that kind of work because he's white and not "a slave from the forest." this coworker was 19 years old. I'm willing to bet he learned his prejudice from a parent or grandparent. i got him fired from our venue for that and i don't feel bad about it.
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June 27, 2013 on Paula Deen Refuses To Rest Her Case
i thought ted was pretty brutal with peggy. this was not the first time he treated her that way. twice now he's led her on, told her what she wanted to hear, made wild promises, and then acted like nothing happened the very next day. heartless.
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June 25, 2013 on Mad Men Season Six Finale Open Thread
if it makes you feel any better i finally decided to quit when i was frantically working to organize an event for the following day and my coworker sat on top of the table and said "so did you lose a kilo before you moved here? i was looking on your Facebook (?!?!?!?!) and your old photos make you look (and this is the point where he blew up his cheeks like a blowfish) chubby" and then he laughed uproariously in my face.
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June 20, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
i quit my job today!!! and i know i did the right thing because as soon as i did i began smiling
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June 19, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
on the e link there's a few pictures of her shot through a window acting natural wearing only a thong. at first i was all "that's not natural! no one runs around their house in their panties like that!" and then i immediately did my laundry in front of a bunch of massive windows in my underwear with a towel wrapped around my head. the only difference between courtney stodden and i is i'm wearing grannie panties (with a tampon string hanging out to boot!!!!! you know, because i don't have to worry about paparazzo)
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June 19, 2013 on The Impossibly Long Life Of Courtney Stodden
how are the judges not reacting?! and everyone's cheering her on just for smiling and saying nonsense sentences! beauty pageants need more heckling.
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June 17, 2013 on I’m Sorry, Miss South Carolina, But We’ve Found Someone New
ooooh i loved this episode! the scene between pete and his mom was heartbreaking! i have always loved pete, even though he's selfish and rude. he just seems like he wants so badly for someone to appreciate him and it only ever happens for all the wrong reasons. i was rewatching season one with a friend and the way he and peggy are in those episodes is so refreshing. i feel like they could end up together again. like pete said, they do really know each other and now they are both single. although i don't think it could happen while they're working for sc&p. i think it would have to be if they were both in different professions because i don't know if pete's ego could handle the competition. i have a feeling sally and don may never talk about what she saw and that it will be one of those things that each character just tries to ignore which would be even more depressing than it becoming a big family scandal. anyway, i was loving every minute. bob benson, another very lonely and unappreciated man, had some genuine heartbreak coming out of his eyes.
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June 11, 2013 on See Also: Mad Men Open Thread
it was thrown away behind my back, but it was thrown away. i also have a disturbingly racist co-worker who keeps asking me to find him on Facebook which I am going to keep neglecting to do until I've perfected my "I quit" speech.
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June 7, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?