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 0Posted on Oct 22nd | re: Carcass - "Livestock Marketplace" (2 comments)

I can see why they left these songs off of Surgical Steel, none of them are quite up to the standards of the songs that made the album (with the possible exception of “Intensive Battery Brooding”), but in any case, I’m not about to start complaining about more new Carcass music!

 +10Posted on Oct 20th | re: Chvrches - "Get Away" (14 comments)

I’m pretty sure the title is actually “Radio 1 Rescores…”, not “Rescues”, if that helps.

 +1Posted on Oct 17th | re: At The Gates - "Death And The Labyrinth" Video (2 comments)

I’ve been listening to the album pretty much non-stop since it leaked, and while I wouldn’t put it on the same level as SOTS, it’s still excellent, instantly a contender for my favourite album of the year (metal or otherwise). I don’t find it quite as memorable as SOTS, there aren’t as many riffs/choruses that really jump out and grab me the way the older stuff does – then again, I’ve only had a few days to listen to it, as opposed to 19 years, so that may change! I don’t know about a higher level, but they certainly haven’t tarnished their legacy, far from it.
(Oh, and now that the album’s out there…Premature Evaluation?)

 +2Posted on Oct 9th | re: Album Of The Week: Tinashe Aquarius (97 comments)

Well, I’m certainly skeptical that you know exactly what all of Stereogum’s main writers grew up on, but even assuming that you do, you seem to be suggesting that indie rock is the only style of music that any of them really like (“except Tom I guess”), and therefore the only style of music they should cover. Sorry, but that’s complete bullshit. (Not to mention that Stereogum would be a lot less interesting if that were true). “They’re compromising their tastes and style for a damn construct”? You have no way of knowing that, it’s a ridiculous assumption – most people grow up on more than one type of music anyway (I know I did), and even if they don’t, tastes tend to broaden as people get older, doubly so for people who are exposed to a lot of new music as part of writing about it for a living. You’re welcome to decide which albums you think deserve “rightful recognition”, but they’re under no obligation to agree with you, and to accuse them of only “pretending” to like the Tinashe album because it doesn’t match your perception of their taste in music is just nonsense. Yes, the Stereogum year-end list will have a lot of albums in common with the Pitchfork one, but so what? They should only write about those “obvious” albums from week to week because they’re the only ones that deserve recognition? No way – I personally have no interest in the Tinashe album (or the Iceage one, for that matter), but I’m always looking for new music, so I’m quite happy that Tom doesn’t always make the obvious pick every week. End of rant.

(And, for the record, to use your example, the Mark Kozelek story is far from the only time that Michael Nelson has written – and written well – about what he likes. Try reading any one of the Black Market columns, for starters).

 +4Posted on Oct 8th | re: Album Of The Week: Tinashe Aquarius (97 comments)

And you care because…? I highly recommend just listening to what you like instead of getting all pissy about Stereogum’s picks (or anyone else’s). No really, try it, it’s fun!

 +17Posted on Oct 7th | re: Album Of The Week: Tinashe Aquarius (97 comments)

Yeah Tom, how dare you pick an album that won’t be on literally every other year-end list? The hive mind has spoken and it is ANGRY!

 +1Posted on Oct 5th | re: The Black Market: The Month In Metal - September 2014 (59 comments)

Wow, did you ever pick the WRONG place to post this…

 +2Posted on Oct 2nd | re: The Black Market: The Month In Metal - September 2014 (59 comments)

I second your comment about Ex Cops, blochead, I was already curious about the new album knowing that Billy Corgan produced it, and the Myrkur thing just makes me even more so!

As for other indie types who love metal, I guess you could put Dave Grohl in there (although he obviously hasn’t been “indie” for many years now) with his Probot project, which I haven’t listened to in years but I seem to remember being surprisingly not bad.

 +1Posted on Oct 2nd | re: The Black Market: The Month In Metal - September 2014 (59 comments)

Wow, that Sempiternal Dusk album is great, thanks for the tip.

Another one I really like that I haven’t seen mentioned here is the Death Penalty album (Gaz Jennings from Cathedral’s new band) – as far as doom goes, it’s more straighforward and upbeat than something like Windhand, but the riffs, my god, the riffs!

 +1Posted on Oct 1st | re: The Black Market: The Month In Metal - September 2014 (59 comments)

She’s certainly not the first metal artist to try and use anonymity or “mystery” to bolster their appeal (Ghost would be an obvious recent example), and there are plenty of others who use fake names/personas/characters even if they’re not actively trying to hide their real identities. So it’s obviously not a new phenomenon by any means, but I agree with Michael that there’s just something “off” about this particular case. Even if it turned out that no one really cared once they found out who she was, that had to have been a concern to her and/or to Relapse when she signed with them. Metal fans do have a reputation for being hostile to “posers” – for a large, reputable label like Relapse to get involved with an indie-pop singer/fashion model with no previous metal “cred” to speak of, they had to be aware of the possibility of a backlash (imagine if Papa Emeritus had turned out to be, like, Robin Thicke). So it seems pretty likely (to me, anyway) that the whole Myrkur persona and backstory – or lack thereof – must have been concocted at least in part to try and conceal her “hipster” background. And to get people talking about her, of course – looks like it worked!