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 +1Posted on Aug 22nd, 2014 | re: MTV VMA Video Of The Year Winners From Worst To Best (28 comments)

I think we can all thank Dire Straits for paving the way for this little gem:

 +6Posted on Oct 9th, 2010 | re: Kings Of Leon - Come Around Sundown Premature Evaluation (64 comments)

That’s an insult to vaginas.

 0Posted on Mar 4th, 2010 | re: Thom Yorke Names His ???? Band Atoms For Peace, Announces Tour Dates (20 comments)

A girls got to do what a girls gotta do! I never needed that damned liver anyhow, always got in the way of my drinking.

 0Posted on Feb 25th, 2010 | re: Thom Yorke Names His ???? Band Atoms For Peace, Announces Tour Dates (20 comments)

Oh man oh man I can’t wait for Coachella. I’ve never been able to afford tickets for Thom Yorke but I just recently sold my liver. I’m sure it is worth it.

 0Posted on Feb 24th, 2010 | re: The Story Of The Story Of Stereogum (73 comments)

Good job you guys! I really like the new site, and it’s nice that it connects to Facebook so I don’t have to command paste every time there is an awesome post (which is often).

The fact that businesses really cannot progress in this day and age without adopting new technology, I feel this is a smart move for both you guys and the readers. Just don’t become a publicly traded company or anything:) I’m happy.

 0Posted on Feb 22nd, 2010 | re: Feist - "He Was Free" (Live At 2010 Cultural Olympiad) (7 comments)

Wow those steamy lights sound amazing.

She is so talented. I want more.

 0Posted on Feb 22nd, 2010 | re: Broken Bells Cover Neutral Milk Hotel At Debut Gig (15 comments)

That is an interesting take on Aeroplane, and Crimson and Clover sounds really pretty. I like this combination.

 0Posted on Feb 22nd, 2010 | re: Beach House - "The Arrangement" (Live On Sirius) (7 comments)

God I love Victoria’s voice. She is fucking phenomenal.

 0Posted on Feb 20th, 2010 | re: Broken Social Scene - "World Sick" (87 comments)

Sadly Stereogum is kind of famous for having some hateful comments. I don’t even mind when people say they don’t like a particular song or band, but it’s especially disheartening when they start attacking other people.

We are kind of a community so I think it would be nice to just be friendly and constructive. It really is all about the music.

 0Posted on Feb 19th, 2010 | re: the morning benders - "Excuses" (27 comments)

Fantastic!! I will see them in LA.