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Great read. "Platinum" status is just another meme at this point.
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February 2, 2016 on If Rihanna Can Go Platinum Giving ANTI Away For Free, What Does Platinum Even Mean?
I agree with almost everything...but there's no way this isn't her best album.
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January 28, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: Rihanna ANTI
this is the most basic of the 3
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January 26, 2016 on Kanye West Changes New Album Title To WAVES
this was my favorite album in middle school. it was a beacon of hope in my wack rural suburbia. so thankful for this write up!
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January 25, 2016 on Rabbit Fur Coat Turns 10
How is Gaga not still A-list? She's the antagonist on one of the most popular series on television. Even Beyonce had a less than stellar album cycle with "4". Also, can we stop pretending Selena Gomez is ANYthing but a medium for the pop machine?!
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January 7, 2016 on The 2016 State Of Pop Address
Rappers continue to support Cosby even though he denounces rap music.....IDGI
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January 5, 2016 on The Game Defends Bill Cosby
It's only news if a man tweets it, I guess.
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July 20, 2015 on Mike Will Made It Shares Preview Of New Rihanna Song
In more important news...Kanye is the executive produce of Rihanna's impending 8th album.
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February 12, 2015 on Kanye West Will Record With Taylor Swift, Says She Supported His Grammy Stage Crash
These slightly-simple lyrics are sooo full of melodrama..why are Gibbard's vocals so one-note? The song is decent.
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January 26, 2015 on Death Cab For Cutie – “Black Sun”
Of ALL Rihanna news, you choose to post this obviously fake leak? Why?
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January 3, 2015 on Hear An Alleged New Rihanna Song Called “World Peace”
"Pink Section" fading into "Nose Grows Some" is easily my favorite moment in music this year. Seriously, bless Thom for that..
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December 2, 2014 on The 50 Best Albums Of 2014
I'm not going to congratulate Gwen Stefani for conforming to "current pop standards," when she's already made an impact as a solo pop artists without making bland pop songs. Like I said, this is painful to watch, especially considering Gwen used to make pop tracks that were not only very modern sounding, but also off-kilter. This is just wack.
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October 21, 2014 on Gwen Stefani – “Baby Don’t Lie” Video