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umm I really enjoy both Dr. Dog and Four Tet – IT’S POSSIBLE, YOU KNOW!

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the worst part about this guy YerAnAccident is that I don’t even think he’s trying to be an annoying troll. It seems he’s genuinely a miserable jerk. Consider yourself ignored, guy.

And yes, K Accident, I saw BBS a couple years back in Philly and it was a lot of fun – a big sonic wall of bright, meandering rock

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VLAD, I felt the same way a couple years ago and I now feel stupid for it. Listen to Fate twice and you’ll never look back. “The Ark” is a good song for beginners just because it’s fucking dark and gnarly. But they’re actually quite a bright and inspiring band.

I have to take issue with the introductory blurb here though, like Joe below, as I’ve always thought that Philly factored very heavily into their sound and themes.

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i know nothing about Rx Bandits other than that I saw them at Bonarroo a couple years ago and they tore it up – a great, fun show. Since you seem to know even less about them than myself you should should your gaping trap.

I’m a big fan of Girls and Beach House, but at a festival I’d rather go a little nuts (see Rx Bandits, Major Lazer, Tiesto, etc.) than sit soothed by reverbery

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Couldn’t agree more DDF1D. Actually quite insightful. Mostly, DD’s sounds make my ears want to bleed.

And Priz, I lolled… which is rare in a venue in which people take this shit so seriously (^)… How can one take such a strong defensive stance behind an 11 min fuckaround and it’s author – a man-child who strives for failure…?

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Wow.. well that changes a lot! Thanks, sdoc

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Once again, Coachella impresses with a stellar, cutting-edge lineup. It’ll probably be the best of the year, on paper at least. The unfortunate truth is that this “festival” features 45 min sets, no outside booze (even in the campgrounds!), no going back and forth between your camp and the concert grounds (one entry per long, hot, expensive day)… I’ll most definitely be holding out for a (hopefully) similar lineup at Bonnaroo.

I have no idea what the format of a Major Lazer show, but it’s guaranteed to be bonkers.

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Wow it’s been a great day on Steroegum. Thanks for multiple good looks – this and the Brother Sport video being prime examples

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I’m thinking the guitar’s a Kay, although probably a re-issue

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or incredibly chill… but most of stereogum’s adherents don’t have the patience for mid-tempo/downtempo. My expectations for this project were pretty low, but this is promising