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personal life involving banging ryan reynolds > any type of work
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July 30, 2013 on Blake Lively IS The Quote Of The Day
as long as han solo saves his wife and his family it will work out ok
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November 1, 2012 on Mark Hamill Knew About The Star Wars News For A Year?!?
Just add some cold fresh fruit and milk to that oatmeal and it will be fine.
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August 24, 2012 on The Internet Is Safer Than We Think
i don't have a suggestion but i'll know it when i hear it
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May 21, 2012 on Kristen Stewart Has The World’s Shittiest Life
kyle chandler looks like marcus mumford and they are both sexy i would allow them the honor to tell ME something, AYO
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May 11, 2012 on Can Coach Taylor Talk To You About Something?
everytime i see his signs i think they are anti-santorum because the eagle in the "o" looks like a circle with a slash through it. someone very clever is on the inside...
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March 8, 2012 on This Is Just A Good Song About Rick Santorum
Hey monsters - how about letting one million moms know what narrow minded asshats they are? they want your feedback: "We appreciate hearing from our members. If you would like to send us a comment, criticism, or word of thanks, please send it to:" will do.
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February 8, 2012 on Ellen Scores A Point For Gay Rights AND JC Penny’s Brand Image
i disagree - i love it long time
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February 6, 2012 on This Is Just A Very Racist Political Ad
•about drinking margaritas? silly question •I feel america really connects with my laid back attitude •I know...right? •The cocaine helped with that •Yes...and fantastic •I'm a millionaire, •That sounds about right. •Great! have you seen her lately? looks 21 still. •She far surpassed me. mostly because she didnt have to talk to much during tapings •are you even human? new episodes air 5 days a week at 7pm •who?
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January 26, 2012 on Host Of Wheel Of Fortune ISN’T A Job You Have To Do Sober?
i'm less concerned with how he's talking because i'm focused on why he is walking like gollum
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January 9, 2012 on The ShamWow Guy Is The Schticky Guy Now
apparently the boy @1:51 is to cool for a high five. CMON kid! no one is EVER to cool for a high five.
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December 2, 2011 on It Is A Friday Morning During The Holiday Season, Is It Not?
the only thing more annoying than a crying, unintelligible child is.... well, tom brady
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December 1, 2011 on I Hate Tom Brady
right?! been doing this for years - zero results
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September 29, 2011 on The Free Flexor Is OUR Generation’s Shake Weight
you love its EYES?!?!?! the EYES are cute? you can make it up - kelly is in love with steve buscemi, buys hot buscemi minidress, wears dress while watching fargo, then volunteers as a firewoman in little italy to realy connect to her crush
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August 4, 2011 on Scary Demon Puppy And Also Other Puppies
more useful info from an average, working mom
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July 8, 2011 on Quote Of The Day
that's why all the humans are OUTSIDE the van. they know
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June 10, 2011 on Give Us A Smile C’Moonnnnn