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 -1Posted on Nov 5th | re: Yelling "Parklife!" At Russell Brand Is A Thing Now (19 comments)



“Jessie Ware’s slow-burning soul ballad “Say You Love Me” is both my favorite song on her very good sophomore album Tough Love and one of my favorite songs of the year.”!!!!

 0Posted on Oct 30th | re: Listen To David Lowery On Marc Maron's WTF (1 comments)

“For old heads like me”!

 -15Posted on Oct 28th | re: Album Of The Week: Run The Jewels RTJ2 (116 comments)

Does it never fail? Here, the very first word of the article is “I.” So eager insert yourself.

 0Posted on Oct 27th | re: Stream Rancid Honor Is All We Know (5 comments)

Hey maybe I’m just on a hot streak tonight but do you sometimes or ever post an article where you don’t introduce something about yourself in the opening sentence?

 -2Posted on Oct 27th | re: Premature Evaluation: Taylor Swift 1989 (166 comments)

The author opens this review by quoting themselves from a previous article? Shameless. And that article written six years ago? Have you learned nothing of your craft in that time?

 -1Posted on Jul 16th | re: Band To Watch: Cayetana + "Dirty Laundry" (Stereogum Premiere) (2 comments)

Amazing story! Can’t believe you got stood up at a show! Really sheds new light on this up and coming band!

 +1Posted on Jul 16th | re: Hear A Bit Of Weezer's "Da Vinci" (7 comments)

Please cover every tiny tidbit of information surrounding the new Weezer album (as they are on a hott streak), as well as any and all news regarding Weezer cover bands. Thank you.

“I forgot that Scott McKenzie’s countercultural anthem “San Francisco” existed but now that I remember, I really hope that Mad Men makes use of it during its final season next year — maybe to accompany Sally’s inevitable embrace of her inner flower power and her escape out west?”

What an interesting way to start a post, sharing some HIGHLY RELEVANT facts about how you forgot a song (strong music journalism!), and then VERY RELEVANTLY tying it in to some TV show you like. Then punting completely on commenting on the song at all. In the least. (It’s not bad!) Very good writing. Solid.

 +2Posted on Jul 3rd | re: Is Festival EDM Dying, Or Is It Just Getting Interesting? (15 comments)

Here’s hoping it’s written by someone with something more interesting and intelligent to say about it.