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I can’t believe they didn’t invite Michael.

 0Posted on Apr 2nd | re: Courtney Love Reunites Classic Hole Lineup (14 comments)

Auf Der Maur didn’t play on the album. She joined after Kristen Pfaff died of an overdose.

 -1Posted on Mar 18th, 2013 | re: DIIV: "Fuck SXSW" (52 comments)

That’s a guy?

 +7Posted on Mar 4th, 2013 | re: Amanda Palmer's TED Talk: What We Learned (52 comments)

I stopped reading after the words:”living statue” mime. Does it get even grosser?

Now I’ll watch a Monistat commercial on YouTube, just to clean my brain.

 +3Posted on Oct 2nd, 2012 | re: Grizzly Bear Are Not Rich (178 comments)

I read the Stereogum Turntable interview where Ed discusses getting together to start recording the album after not seeing each other for 8 months. Most folks don’t take 8 month breaks every 2 years. Grizzly Bear doesn’t have a crazy touring schedule. I sympathize with them – while wishing I could take 8 month breaks, travel, record and write songs in Mexico. There are some perks. I’m sure having a house in NYC would be perkier. Is listening to their album on MOG acceptable if I only like it and don’t love it?

 0Posted on Sep 27th, 2012 | re: Sea Change Turns 10 (43 comments)

I think Sea Change became popular 5 years later, when the cover and some songs were included on every Mac in Apple stores. I’d love to see the SoundScan figures for sales-by-year. The initial release was met with disappointment but I think the appreciation has deservedly grown over the years.

 +4Posted on Sep 25th, 2012 | re: Watch Best Coast Cover Nirvana (5 comments)

I forgot about that band. Best Coast, not Nirvana.

 +3Posted on Aug 30th, 2012 | re: Belle & Sebastian Albums From Worst To Best (71 comments)

I largely agree with this but find my own enjoyment of their current work fades with age – my age and their age. Does “twee” work when the band is middle aged?

 +70Posted on Jul 30th, 2012 | re: Courtney Love To Lana Del Rey: "Heart-Shaped Box" Is About My Vagina (22 comments)

The scene in the new Batman movie were 3,000 men are stuck in a cavernous sewer is also about Courthey’s vagina.