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 0Posted on Apr 21st | re: Win An Oasis Definitely Maybe Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set (499 comments)

Live Forever

Kim Deal is mentioned quite a bit in Jim Greer’s book about GBV ( Pollard says in an interview at some point that he was pretty sure he was in love with her, but he happened to be married at the time.

 +3Posted on Apr 8th | re: Smash Turns 20 (27 comments)

I love this album (and Ignition and Ixnay on the Hombre). If I’m being completely honest, though, I didn’t really get into the Offspring until a few years ago. They’ve never been so much of a nostalgia band for me as they are a guilty pleasure sort of thing.

 +5Posted on Apr 4th | re: The 10 Best Nirvana Songs (163 comments)

I’ve always had a strange affinity for “Lounge Act.” I love how towards the end he goes up the octave, screaming the chorus and just tearing shit up. Definitely my favorite track on Nevermind.

By the way, I have no issues with the omission of Teen Spirit. It’s almost certainly because of how overplayed and over-hyped the song is, but I can’t even listen to it anymore.

 +1Posted on Mar 12th | re: Watch A Teaser For Spoon's New Album (27 comments)

I agree with everything you said. Those two are probably my favorite Spoon albums.

 +8Posted on Mar 10th | re: Watch A Teaser For Spoon's New Album (27 comments)

That crazy guitar noise that comes in around 0:11 is awesome. I really like weird, edgy Spoon.

 +4Posted on Feb 26th | re: The 10 Best White Stripes Songs (81 comments)

Some favorites of mine nobody has mentioned yet:

“I Can’t Wait”
“Now Mary”
“You’re Pretty Good Looking For a Girl”
“Sister, Do You Know My Name?”
“Why Can’t You Be Nicer To Me?”

These would all make my top 10.

 +9Posted on Feb 19th | re: The 10 Best Dirty Projectors Songs (61 comments)

I’m surprised by all the negative feedback about the writer’s age. Who cares? It’s not like the article revolves around the writer’s own personal reflections.

I’m not crazy about these top 10 songs lists, but this is at least well-written and coming from somebody who is obviously familiar with the music.

 +7Posted on Feb 14th | re: Drake Apologizes For Rolling Stone Freakout (33 comments)

I actually think he comes off looking OK here – composed and sensible. He lost hist shit for a bit yesterday, but now he explains why and he apologizes.

Sure, fine.

Whoops, I mean New York Times. Weird, right?