Panda Snare


Chris Keating looks like a cross between mick jagger and paul scheer.


 +1Posted on Jan 18th, 2010 | re: New Panda Bear Tunes, Tomboy Shirts Debut In Berlin (12 comments)

actually panda played a whole set of new songs, daily routine was the only old song he played.

you can grab it here:

 0Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 | re: Old Folks Review Dirty Projectors, Interview Fiery Furnaces (57 comments)

Did Ann say “cock knocker” in the DOOM one? she didnt really just say that did she?

Ann’s the worst.

 0Posted on Jun 19th, 2009 | re: The Dead Weather Bring "Hang You From The Heavens" To The Tonight Show (43 comments)

if anyone’s heard a leak or has a link to it that’d be much appreciated

 0Posted on Jun 10th, 2009 | re: Hear Some More Of Discovery's LP (14 comments)

anyone have a leak link?

 0Posted on Jun 9th, 2009 | re: Jack White Planning Solo LP (43 comments)

relax, technothirteenburn

 0Posted on Jun 9th, 2009 | re: Jack White Planning Solo LP (43 comments)

jack white is the lil wayne of rock

 0Posted on Jun 9th, 2009 | re: New Killers Video - "A Dustland Fairytale" (47 comments)

the first time i heard this song the whole time i was thinking how bad the lyrics were

this video did not change that.

 0Posted on Jun 3rd, 2009 | re: Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest Debuts In Billboard Top 10 (116 comments)

People are comparing the two because there the frontrunners for best album of 09. I still think it’s stupid and immature.

 0Posted on May 30th, 2009 | re: Grizzly Bear Bring "Ready, Able" & "Cheerleader" To The Interface (86 comments)

before you say anything, see them live. I love these guys and i was blown away with their live show