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 0Posted on Dec 15th, 2009 | re: Pitchfork's Top 100 Songs Of 2009 (191 comments)

Swap out “Shine Blockas” and “Zero” with DOOM’s “Gazillion Ear” and Wild Beasts’ “All The Kings Men” and you have my top ten.

 0Posted on Oct 2nd, 2009 | re: Pitchfork's 20 Greatest Albums Of The '00s (275 comments)

The album ratings are the opinion of the specific writer assigned to review that album, while this list is the result of a vote by everyone at P4K. There are bound to be some discrepancies between the two.

 0Posted on Sep 30th, 2009 | re: Dirty Projectors Bring Mount Wittenberg Orca To Fallon (28 comments)

I’ve never understood it when people claim that I must be “pretending” to enjoy a band based on their particular aversion to them. So you don’t like Dirty Projectors, that’s fine, I’m not particularly fond of McDonald’s, does that mean that everyone else eating it happily on a daily basis is faking it? No. Different people have different tastes, musical or otherwise. It’s not that big of a deal.

 0Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 | re: Wavves, Black Lips In Brooklyn Bar Fight (112 comments)

That’s such a cop-out. The band’s drunken stage antics hardly excuses Jared’s choice of words, or his asshole actions. He walked up to a stranger and basically said, “You’re a faggot and I don’t like you…” then recounted the event as if he were proud of it. Yup, sounds like every homophobic asshole I went to high school with.

 0Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 | re: Wavves, Black Lips In Brooklyn Bar Fight (112 comments)

“Lo-Fi, I love you but you’re bringing me down.”

I enjoy both bands and could care less about their little hissy-fits, but one thing I can’t stand is the casual homophobia that seems to flow from Jared’s mouth. I know his band is stuck in the sixties, but it’s actually 2009 now and that shit doesn’t fly anymore.

 0Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 | re: Monsters Of Folk "Say Please" On Conan, Release "Right Place" Video (36 comments)

If we’re talking indie supergroups, Swan Lake could eat these guys alive.

 0Posted on Sep 4th, 2009 | re: St. Vincent Brings "Marrow" To Kimmel (18 comments)

She may not be a “shredder”, but she is a damn good guitar player:

 0Posted on Sep 1st, 2009 | re: Dirty Projectors Bring "Cannibal Resource" To Letterman (75 comments)

I think they should have gone with “No Intention” instead.

I played the album at work to a bunch of people who had never heard them and it was the only song everyone enjoyed. To people who are already fans of the band it can seem like sort of a boring song, especially since it’s sandwiched between two monster tracks on the album, but for the uninitiated it’s probably the easiest to enjoy.

Also, everyone I’ve played the album to hates “Stillness Is The Move”.


 0Posted on Aug 31st, 2009 | re: Michael McDonald Covers Grizzly Bear (44 comments)

Michael McDonald > cocaine rumors

 0Posted on Aug 30th, 2009 | re: Foo Fighters Get A Greatest Hits ... Who Else Is Due? (138 comments)

MF Doom.

He’s got a crazy discography spread across albums under several different aliases and a ton of guest appearances. Include the best of those and throw in a few tracks from his early 90′s KMD days and you’ve got a great compilation.