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Multiple revenue streams are key to any organized crime syndicate. Distribute cocaine AND steal bikes. Boss.
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July 6, 2012 on Krispy Kreme – “Stolen Bikes”
Is that picture weirding anyone else out? Why are they sharing the milkshakes when there are other perfectly good desserts just sitting there!?! the 90s were weird
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May 2, 2012 on An Oral History Of Friends
i'm no good at photoshop, but not sure how no one has used "you mad" then added "and out of breath" on there yet. internet gold.
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March 22, 2012 on Francis Did NOT Like The Ending Of Mass Effect 3
Is it possible that Ryan Gosling is some sort of robot sent from Skylab to end the human race? Seriously, every woman will become totally dissatisfied with all other men and procreation just stops. Seems plausible.
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December 14, 2011 on Ryan Gosling Is Taking Ballet Classes Just For Fun, Obviously
so, i legitimately enjoyed that song. i like hip hop but sometimes have difficulty relating to its content (looking at you, Clipse), but I relate to liking pizza. win win over here.
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October 25, 2011 on “Pizza Party” Is The Last Song, We Don’t Need Any More Songs, Thanks!
*you. (that typo is to my comment what the boring arch in season three when they were in the cages was to Lost.)
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September 27, 2011 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: Damon Lindelof Explains How Lost Was Kind Of Bullshit
I was really hoping it was going to end with a star wipe.
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September 14, 2011 on IMPORTANT: New Dallas Cowboys Theme Song
I would like to point out that Ron Artest has changed his name to Metta World Peace, which is just insane/awesome/mostlyinsane. #factchecking
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August 30, 2011 on Nancy Grace Is Going To Be On Dancing With The Stars, OBVIOUSLY
i like turtles. (note: i was going to try and upload a picture of that kid, but don't know how to do that and am too lazy to look it up. anyways, old web video call back!)
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August 15, 2011 on Painfully Slow Turtle Barbecue Theft
I think i would really enjoy having my own personal hype man. that'd be swell.
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August 9, 2011 on The Ninth Summer Jam Of 2011: “Come Here Girl (Urban)” Live – Sir James And The Palace Players
i kept thinking she was wearing one of those twirly hats, was genuinely bummed when it was just the mirror.
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August 9, 2011 on Give Ginger Kid His Account Back Says Ginger Kid’s Grandma
"you're making me really want a margarita and chips and salsa" - me
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August 3, 2011 on Mariachi Band Serenades Beluga Whale
Since i don't live in NYC, i can only imagine what Mr Coconuts is like. using that mental picture, i'm going to create a cartoon titled "Patty Coconuts". it will be glorious (until the lawsuit)
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August 2, 2011 on This Month’s Mr. Coconuts Featuring Delocated’s Jon Glaser!
entourage knows the deal - there's always money in the johnny bananas stand
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August 2, 2011 on The Real Johnny Bananas Sues Entourage
hey, do you guys remember Pony Day? That was a great day.
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August 1, 2011 on Fire-Breathing Pony Robot. What?
This REALLY should have been a blind-item: "This once-mustachioed Canadian talk-show host awoke in his hotel room to a burglar. Chasing the culprit down the hall, the host of this popular, long-running trivia show crashed to the ground, injuring himself. Undaunted by his injury, he later went to a hotel party and saved the prettiest girl at the party from a pack of roving rapists."
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July 28, 2011 on An Annotated Account Of The Alex Trebek Hotel Burglar
in her defense, at least self-potato seemed immediately aware of how stupid (but AWESOME!) her answer was. this is just... uh.... stupid.
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July 20, 2011 on “There Are 352 Feet In A Yard” Is OUR Generation’s Self-Potato
chick-fil-a just opened in chicago. as a southern person, i was very happy, but i didn't cry. because i'm a man.
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July 7, 2011 on Girl Cries Because She Is Overcome With Love For The Very Normal Burger Chain In-N-Out
a rare near miss from Jay Leno. so rare, so near.
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July 6, 2011 on Watch Jay Leno’s Head Fall Off!
Wet Hot American Summer (that was EASY)
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June 22, 2011 on Best New Party Game: Summer Movies
Pretty sure that if Bon Iver had made more references to fucking white girls on his new album, Pitchfork would have knocked him up to that 10.0. Maybe.
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June 20, 2011 on Teenagers, You Are Still Liking Music Wrong
as someone from Tennessee, this fills my Volunteer heart with pride. said heart is also clogged by eating too much bbq pork shoulder.
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June 16, 2011 on Longest Frisbee Throw Ever Says This Guy
is it wrong to assume he spent all of the budget on location or drugs or something? because it definitely wasn't the lighting. yikes.
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June 1, 2011 on Well, This Sasha Grey “Short Film” Is Terrible
roger ailes is an uncredited producer. (also, damnit)
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May 25, 2011 on Bin Laden Porno, Obviously
Title: Obama Bin Laid'in Locations: A cave in Pakistan, mansion in Abbottabad
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May 25, 2011 on Bin Laden Porno, Obviously