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This seems ideal for the next T14TT. I'm sure Joe is worried about his batwings just like Gwyneth. Win-Win.
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February 18, 2010 on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Work Out Is Hilarious
I almost cried real tears reading this :( .Best of luck Lindsay! Hopefully you and Paul Rudd can run away together now and start the cat ranch of your dreamz.
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June 26, 2009 on Have A Great Summer And Stay Sweet, You Guys!
I'm so sad about this! We're gonna need a bigger Paxil :(
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June 22, 2009 on The Videogum Movie Club: Year One
This is definitely your boyfriend's favorite song to blast while driving his H2. License plate = OPTMS1
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June 10, 2009 on Cheap Trick, Adults, Presumably, Singing The Transformers Theme Song
As an ASU graduate, I'm sorry you guys :(. "The Harvard of date rape" = True
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May 13, 2009 on The Daily Show Reveals The Truth About Arizona State. Heh.
I'm not really a cat person but I WANT TO GO TO THERE. The mini shopping carts at the Wal Mart were the best. Such attention to detail.
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February 27, 2009 on Is This The Rainbow Bridge? No, It’s The Caboodle Ranch
WIN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH9KHZp-u-I
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February 25, 2009 on The Ballad Of Bobby Jindal
Sorry Lindsay. Overalls and salmon-colored shirt is my boyfriend.
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February 2, 2009 on Creepy Christians Teach Kids About Temptation
Agreed. I was going to say that I blame/thank Rock Band for this.
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January 28, 2009 on They Don’t Love You Like I Love You
Kids are always eating muffins and beets. Those are classic kid snacks.
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January 27, 2009 on The Story Behind The “Don’t Put It In Your Mouth” PSA
Microsoft Songsmith beat?
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January 26, 2009 on The Reason :( Was Invented
Seriously! Who's like, "this unproperly sealed pot of questionable-looking food is MINE"!
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January 8, 2009 on Nobody Wants Your Stupid Sandwich, Dude
OMG I was thinking the exact same thing last night. Not only was it completely unfunny but it was like a glimpse into a terrifying possible future.
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November 4, 2008 on Sarah Palin Gets Pranked Again — By SNL
Will Lindsay be riding this as an extension of the Saw Double Dog challenge?
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October 14, 2008 on Oh Yes, There Will Be A Saw-Themed Roller Coaster
People who whistle like that totally creep me out, so that was really terrifying.
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September 4, 2008 on Where Are The Terrorists When You Need Them?: World Whistling Championships
Listen, I don't have $1,000, but I do have 54 cents and a coupon for $1 off a sub sandwich at Blimpie's. They're already in the mail.
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July 31, 2008 on Let’s Buy Steven Soderbergh’s Che, You Guys
Oh my God. Wherever this is, I'm never going there.
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July 11, 2008 on “Clever Girl” Or “I Need An Adult!”
That was incredible. Love Heidi's shooting outfit. I'm totally wearing that next time I hit the range with my all of my guns.
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July 10, 2008 on The 10 Saddest Ways To Die
Wait. Isn't that Theo from Road Rules or Real World or Road Rules/Real Word challenge? Is he a "comedian"?
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July 10, 2008 on The First Ten Minutes Of Reality Bites Back Do Not Bite
Seriously, who chose the music? I guess I've never thought about the type of music that should be played to set the mood for torture. Maybe this was a good choice?
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July 2, 2008 on Christopher Hitchens Getting Waterboarded Is Not As Fun As It Sounds
For some unexplainable reason I was watching this last night and as soon as Al Roker said "name something that is slippery and hard to hold on to", I knew things were going to end badly.
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June 25, 2008 on Al Roker Calls His Dick “Captain Winky”
This reminds me of an episode of Rescue 911 that I saw as a child where this kid's clothes got stuck in an escalator and started strangling him because he was f-ing around or something. I don't know how exactly, but this looks like it could end up just like that.
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June 24, 2008 on Escalator-Spinning Chick Will Inspire Kids (To Die)
The tagline is the best.
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June 23, 2008 on Rob Zombie Finally Does Something Right
This truly has to be one of the worst movies ever. I felt like I was constantly being punched in the face with the color blue (whenever there was a scene with Aubrey there was a lot of blue stuff and whenever it involved Dakota there was a lot of red stuff? I think? Whatever, it was terrible and retarded). My favorite line was when Aubrey's boyfriend was feeling her up in science class and she was like, "Is that all I am to you? Something to help you relax before the big game?". Worst movie ever.
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June 23, 2008 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: I Know Who Killed Me
Wow, Brendan Fraser "Really. Hates. Mummies." WTF with the dragon at the end? Is it a mummy dragon?
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June 20, 2008 on At What Point Will The World Have Its Fill Of Brendan Fraser?
I kind of got the feeling Sming was trying to pretend he was dead so the scary ladies would just leave his lifeless body alone. Also, hedgehogs are the adorablest (new word?)
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June 20, 2008 on The Floating Hedgehog Knows He’s Cute
"And Marky Mark having his underpants pulled down by a dog like in the old Coppertone ads is just a great fun image". No it's not.
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June 19, 2008 on A Journey Through Time With Mark Wahlberg
This upsets me because I am sitting in my cubicle jail right now and am not a vlogging millionaire rapper (that's what he does, right? Just kidding, I'm really street just like blogs are now). He is super crazy. "number one spoon clown in the bubble gum fortress". I LOLd (and I do not use that term lightly).
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June 18, 2008 on Lil Wayne Would Just Like To Thank The Meat Tornadoes And The Apple Dreams