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Order a dirty martini, take out your copy of "He's Just Not That Into You" and a highlighter.
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April 26, 2012 on Tips For Solo Dining
You think Grandma knows the kid is there, or he's a stowaway?
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April 26, 2012 on Motivational Video: “Granny Dragging Kid”
Let's be real here: The poor kid looks high! He got stoned and decided this was a good idea. Wowowowow.
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April 25, 2012 on Facebook Masturbation Song, OR: “What We Always Talk About When We Are Talking About The Internet”
Question! Dick Whitman/Charles Whitman. Coincidence, or what?
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April 16, 2012 on Mad Men: More People Should Settle Petty Disagreements With Bare Knuckle Fist Fights
i was thinking more like he is allergic to flowers?
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March 29, 2012 on Goooooooood Gay Joke, Carson Daly!
This party rock cab driver has the worst job ever, unless he really like drunk people? who likes drunk people?
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March 29, 2012 on Party Rockers In The Cab Tonight!
I'm going pedestrian: Best Picture - The Help Best Actor - George Clooney Best Actress - Glenn Close Directing - The Tree of Life Actor in a Supporting Role - Christopher Plummer Actress in a Supporting Role - Octavia Spencer Animated Feature Film - A Cat in Paris Cinematography - The Artist Art Direction - Midnight in Paris Costume Design - The Artist Documentary - Undefeated Documentary Short - Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom Film Editing - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Foreign Language Film - A Separation Make up - Albert Nobbs Music - The Artist Short Film (Animated) - La Luna Short Film (Life Action) - Time Freaks Sound Editing - Drive Sound Mixing - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Visual Effects - Planet of the Apes Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - Moneyball Writing (Original Screenplay) - A Separation
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February 24, 2012 on Enter The Videogum Oscar Pool!
you guys, i figured it out! the entire existence of ryan gosling is 8 - 9 year long, slowly simmering prank that is going to end brad's career!
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January 17, 2012 on Missing Person Update: Ryan Gosling Re: The Golden Globes
the part when he's crying in the back of the SUV because he doesn't think he can kick his habit and the producer woman says flippantly, "No, you willlllllllll!" also, the part where he is going up to cars on the onramp and shaking the hands of the drivers? why?
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January 12, 2012 on The One Year Anniversary Of When Ted Williams Was A Thing
something about this video strikes me as distinctly "european".
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December 23, 2011 on This Woman Has A Fair Enough Snowman Phobia
my mom is afraid of smart phones, of course she doesn't have netflix!
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December 21, 2011 on Wait, What IS Your Holiday Vacation Viewing List?
good call, heading back to the video store now.
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December 21, 2011 on Wait, What IS Your Holiday Vacation Viewing List?
i rented the help (for my mom) blue valentine (for me and ronny brosling), crazy stupid love (for my mom), bridesmaids, and morning glory (for my mom.)
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December 21, 2011 on Wait, What IS Your Holiday Vacation Viewing List?
why wouldn't clinton be whistling georgia himself? i bet he'd be great at it.
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December 21, 2011 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Bill Clinton And Mindy Kaling
"it's chilly out here, it's hard to talk sometimes!" (???!!!) who gave this guy a job as an anchorman?
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December 14, 2011 on Congratulations On Your Big Hooters I MEAN HOOSIERS!
you should be the president of hollywood!
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December 14, 2011 on Uhhh…Selena Gomez’s Stalker Sounds Pretty Serious?