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 0Posted on Jan 27th | re: José González - "Leaf Off / The Cave" Video (3 comments)

Good stuff, this guy is great.

The Edge can’t get up for five minutes because he think that he’ll forget how to play 3 chords in the most basic Bo Diddley rhythm.

We named our daughter Nina Louise, but only later did I realize where I had gotten the names. Long live Veruca.

 +6Posted on Feb 3rd, 2014 | re: U2 - "Invisible" (35 comments)

They went full on Joy Division with the drums and bass parts. This is a really well written vocal part and lyric. It’s not reinventing music or anything, but it’s pretty good. U2 aren’t going to win any hipster points anyway, they’re too old for that.

 0Posted on Dec 11th, 2013 | re: José González - "#9 Dream" & "Step Out" (8 comments)

These sound great – I just miss the acoustic guitar playing.

 0Posted on Oct 29th, 2013 | re: Smashing Pumpkins Albums From Worst To Best (147 comments)

1. Siamese Dream
2. Mellon Collie
3. Gish
4. Pisces Iscariot
5. Aeroplane Flies High
6. Machina 1 & 2
7. Oceania
8. American Gothic
9. Teargarden
10. Zeitgeist

 +3Posted on Sep 3rd, 2013 | re: Sleigh Bells - "Bitter Rivals" Video (21 comments)

Alexis looking hot as usual.

 0Posted on Jul 11th, 2013 | re: Watch St. Vincent And Matt Sweeney Jam And Talk Guitars (1 comments)

Christ that’s some shitty guitar playing

 0Posted on Jun 9th, 2013 | re: Album Of The Week: My Bloody Valentine m b v (182 comments)

It’s weird that mbv came out this year and then everyone forgot about it. After waiting for it for almost 25 yrs. And then ppl act like new phoenix or daft punk is a huge deal when it’s really not by comparison.

 0Posted on Mar 24th, 2013 | re: My Chemical Romance Break Up (19 comments)

Their music has not aged well, even their early stuff sounds pretty crappy.