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I kind of hate it when bands neglect the sound that made them popular on the sophomore album. It’s too soon to be doing a 180 on your sound, especially since we’re still trying to get to know your sound anyway. Then again, I haven’t heard anything from the new album nor do I know much about the “new” sound, so I’ll just have to wait and hear before I form an opinion.

But MGMT, look at Franz Ferdinand, the Killers and the Bravery. All less than stellar sophomores. Learn it, don’t live it.

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calm down.

This is beautiful.

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Who is Mark Ronson without his horns?

I betchu it’s “To Binge”.

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I’ve listened to it twice. Going for a third. I think it’s safe to put a Facebook “like” on dis one.

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Almost makes me want to put on leg warmers and bop around.

When Goldfrapp started out, they were very experimental and then delved into a couple of electronic albums. But with this album and the last, I’m glad they’re getting back to experimenting–even if it’s with different genres (or eras).

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Wow. People are overly critical about this song.

It’s beautiful. I like the meaning.

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I know the story of the new sound, so I appreciate it, I guess. Zach Rogue got slightly paralyzed for a while, realized that they’re previous records didn’t really make anyone move (dance) and so he sought to make movement.

They’re music will probably never sound like they’re previous records, or at least the guitars won’t. Zach had to change the way he plays guitar due to his injury.

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this is hilarious.