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 +1Posted on Oct 20th | re: Julian Casablancas Issues Statement On Brunch (22 comments)

+1 for the reference. You’d think the words of Mr. B would be gospel around here.

 0Posted on Sep 25th | re: Stream Giant Claw DARK WEB (Stereogum Premiere) (1 comments)

This is some kind of madness. Some wild scientist made this in a lab. Between this and Syro, my ears are about to go into some kind of existential crisis about electronic music this week.

 +4Posted on Sep 3rd | re: Watch Mac DeMarco Cover Angel Olsen's "Lights Out" (4 comments)

Very few things in this world are more Mac DeMarco-y than using a hairband and a sharpie as a capo. Also, I now have a replacement for that capo I lost. Thanks Mac!

 +1Posted on Sep 3rd | re: Flying Lotus - "Never Catch Me" (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) (8 comments)

The dreamiest of dream collabs sounds so… dreamy!

Yeezus – best album 2014

 +1Posted on Sep 2nd | re: Jessie Ware - "Want Your Feeling" (Feat. Dev Hynes) (4 comments)

Damn, Dev just brings that funk.

 +4Posted on Sep 2nd | re: TV On The Radio - "Happy Idiot" (22 comments)

Yeah, I’m not enjoying this one as much as Michael seems to be. The lyrics and the music felt so straightforward, which just seems weird for these guys. I’m missing the scatterbrain production tics they usually throw in there. It’s definitely not bad, so maybe I just have to adjust my mindset a bit.

 0Posted on Aug 31st | re: Deafheaven - "From The Kettle Onto The Coil" (9 comments)

Seriously. I felt like I heard a Guns N’ Roses style guitar solo go right into a Built to Spill style interlude.

I’m imagining this as the Stereogum office now that they don’t have to do these posts anymore

 0Posted on Aug 30th | re: My Bloody Valentine Finish Mastering New Album (10 comments)

And two years later, here we are!