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So last Friday I got a vasectomy (true story, bro!) and I come back to Videogum to the announcement it's ending. So, sorry I seemed to have caused all this. You gave me hours and hours of joy folks. Thanks so much!
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February 8, 2014 on Heaven Just Got A Little More Videogum
Shit shit. This site has some of the wittiest folks on the web. Yet At the same time, it also has some of the friendliest, least judgmental folks on the web too. I don't even understand how that is possible! I will miss all of you so much and hope I can keep up with at least one place where you guys may congregate in this virtual world. Peace.
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February 3, 2014 on Hey Guys, We Have To Talk To You About Something
Ugh, so I've seen this posted on Facebook a few times and finally watched it. Why record this, dad? Why post it? My kid cries (he's three, EVERYTHING is overwhelming when you're three). I can't imagine posting it for strangers to watch. Yay me for not doing it, I guess.
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February 3, 2014 on Child Needs To Be Left Alone With His Feelings, Dad
Is it time for "How Was Your Day Today?" yet? Because this week is looking like it's going to be an ass-kicker.
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January 27, 2014 on Here Are Some Morning Links!
I fear if I was a kid with my adult brain, I would either be miserable because I knew what was coming next, and/or I would be an insufferable asshole: "Algebra? Whatever, I don't need that..."
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January 14, 2014 on If Only Grown-Up Work Could Be So Rewarding
Yesterday was one of those rare days when the wife and I both had great days and everything just meshed and we were a team and both productive with work and kept the kids happy and at the end of the day we both felt it: A day when everything went right. It's hard to explain, but it felt really, really nice.
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January 9, 2014 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
Why was a magazine called G(entleman's) Q(uarterly) interviewing a man who makes duck calls in the first place, for that matter? Why does making something an acronym remove all previous identity?
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December 20, 2013 on Here Are Some Morning Links!
How does a show about people making duck calls even get made? Remember when A(rts) & E(ntertainment) used to show operas? No one who watches the station now does.
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December 20, 2013 on Here Are Some Morning Links!
We asked the ER if they had a frequent visitor card we could get punched for a free coffee or something. Third visit in last three months (between two little kids).
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December 12, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
Toddler's lone forehead stitch was removed today. Now let's all stay healthy the rest of the year, okay?!?
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December 11, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
Yesterday started with making pancakes and ended with a call from preschool that our toddler fell and hit his head on pavement walking back from the playground. Trip to the ER, forehead stitches. But he's up and ready for school today. Damn tough kid.
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December 5, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
Sick baby in the house, had to switch antibiotics for an ear infection / fever hovering around 103. Fever down this morning, so so far so good. The fortunes of my days rise and fall now with whether or not a baby is pooping normally.
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November 21, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
I love that Batkid story. The Make a Wish people and the regular citizens of San Francisco really did a good thing.
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November 18, 2013 on Here Are Some Morning Links!
A friend is getting a divorce and we had no clue it was coming, so that kind of sucks (and makes you look at yourself in the mirror a little more closely).
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November 14, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
Yesterday was a long one. When you take a toddler and a baby to the pediatrician for well visits at the same time after work, it's REALLY busy there and takes a long time and the kids both got super grumpy and THEN they each had three shots, so they were grumpy, sore, and crying. But they're both healthy, so please excuse my tiny pity party.
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November 7, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
For some reason it is very comforting to hear so many of us in the same boat. I'm married, two great kids, have a job and health insurance, but I definitely have those "What the hell am I doing?" moments.
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October 10, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
It's my birthday! I telecommuted, had a great lunch, got some books as gifts, went to a nice dinner with the fam, and now the kids are asleep and the wife and I are having wine and enjoying the silence.
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October 9, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
Today was a good day. Getting over a cold, had a great sandwich for dinner, catching up on "Copper."
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September 25, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
Gotta say I totally agree. I used to be a comic nerd, loved the comic movies, and I still liked the Iron Man flicks, but... yeah, I don't care who plays Batman. Or Superman. Or the Great Gatsby.
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September 5, 2013 on Quote Of The Day: Vin Diesel Doesn’t Give A Fuck About Batman
I always read the EW link as "Ewwwww!" in my head when I see it, and today that is entirely appropriate.
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August 22, 2013 on Here Are Some Morning Links!
I have to say, yesterday was a good day. Took the kids (3 and 1) to the park, a friend bought me the MP3s of a new album I mentioned I was looking forward to hearing, dinner with the wife (toddler meltdown in the restaurant at end of the meal, followed by him passing out in exhaustion in the car), and with the exception of that and getting up repeatedly overnight with teething baby and nonsleeping toddler demanding to see me, I really can't complain!
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August 22, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
The only real downside is that Vine is inspiring Jackasses, The Next Generation, which we really don't need.
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August 16, 2013 on This Vine Compilation Video Is Much Better Than Actual Vine
We just started watching "Friday Night Lights" in our house. Never seen it before! We needed something to watch after finishing... "Orange Is the New Black" (bringing it nicely back to this post!)
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August 15, 2013 on Oh No, Laura Prepon Is (Maybe?!) Leaving Orange Is The New Black!
Well, the toddler is kind of being a monster sometimes because he's almost 3 and dealing with a lot of emotions he doesn't understand how to process (because he's THREE). And the baby is teething and obsessed with crawling (as in, he doesn't want to sleep at night; he wants to crawl) and while my wife works from home most of the time so the kids stay there with her, when the nights are sleep-free we get stressed and she gets mad at me and resents that I get to flee off to work in a quiet office and I feel powerless to help. First-world problems, I know. The kids are healthy and happy, and we have a house to live in, so I try to keep things in perspective. Just wish I could HELP. I want to enjoy this time when the kids are this age, despite the stresses. I don't want to wish them to school age and out of our house, despite how tempting it is to do that.
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August 15, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
Hmm, so on top of everything I didn't get to talk about, I missed this post yesterday because I was busy with work. Balls.
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August 15, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
She probably screwed over all her white employees too, in terms of "might get rich someday." The underlying color in the NY Times story is the color green.
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July 25, 2013 on Kicking Paula Deen While She Is Down, But Also She Deserves It
Tired. Sleep has been crap for a while now. Kind of depressed as a result. I'm a joy to be around this week.
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July 25, 2013 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
If you give to my kickstarter, I'll record a DVD commentary for the movie of your choice! I have two kids under 3, so if the movie came out since 2010, I probably haven't seen it, so there might be long periods of silence, followed by me saying, "Ohhh, look at that... hey, it's that guy from that thing!"
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July 22, 2013 on And Now Spike Lee Has A Kickstarter
Ricky Gervais. Barf, just kidding! How about Madonna, back when she was trying to sound like Posh Spice? Hey, how about Posh Spice?!?
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When slightly frustrating things happen to extremely annoying people.
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July 19, 2013 on The Kirk Cameron Movie Trailer That Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See!