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Unrelated- not to give any merrit to this asshole- Perfect Pussy is not that good. Now, SHOPPERS was a great band! I’ve never liked Diiv either so…….

Zachary Cole Smith seemed to be alot more upset by the b word than the n word. which is weird.

i can’t see the video

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Good Throb – Double White Denim
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads – I thought I was a good man
Cold Beat – UV
Total Control – Systematic Fuck

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wtf KENNEDY?! i just read her wikipedia page. she was introduced to libertarian-ism by kurt loder.

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This is one the best articles I’ve read on this website. I’ve been a longtime fan of merchandise- followed them since Strange Songs. I couldn’t be more happy for them. I used to hope to see them have this much success. If anybody is interested- i recommend you look on and – these are two blogs that post a good bit of merchandise’s previous material. You can also check out some of the bands they are related to. Cult Ritual, Slavescene, Dads, Neon Blud, Divisions etc they’re all great.

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Regardless if anyone is saying that- it’s a danger in this kind of situation.

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Lust for Youth “illume”