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Heavy-handed dialogue, couched in "dude talk" so maybe this feels more daring than it is? If Louie CK wasn't in this clip, no one would give it a second thought.
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July 7, 2010 on The Videogum “Louis C.K. Promise”: The Poker Scene From Louie
That is the most convenient explanation since Tom Cruise novelty-danced his way to a "spontaneous" movie deal.
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June 15, 2010 on The Alvin Greene Story Continues To Be Ridiculous
"Written by" is a term they are using LOOSELY. ("He walks to the bed. He slightly frowns. A Phoenix song plays." REPEAT FOR TWO HOURS)
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June 15, 2010 on Being White Is Hard: Somewhere
Does anyone else suspect that this deal was in place already, and some fresh young thing at the PR agency said: "Wait until the MTV movie awards to say: 'Hey, who WOULDN'T love a movie about this?" . Otherwise, this seems to be the FASTEST OF FAST-TRACKS.
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June 10, 2010 on Les Grossman: The Movie
Goodbye, Hater! We'll miss your sub-par version of Videogum!
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May 6, 2010 on R.I.P. Hater
In pop culture, "Self-aware" is starting to become "Self-hating".
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May 3, 2010 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: Mickey Rourke Is Stupid And Difficult To Be Around
I have had to call 911, and yes, that is basically what it sounds like. I don't know if it's "bored" as much as "can never sound panicked".
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May 3, 2010 on Quick Question About The Buried Trailer
Finally, a reaction to Crispin Glover's "Clowny Clown" video. P.S. Look at the drivers hands. These are late middle-aged women hands. I don't know why that freaks me out.
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March 25, 2010 on WHO LET THE CLOWNS OUT?
Who's gonna put on the Bea Arthur dress?
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March 9, 2010 on Internet Gets What Internet Wants
I know we all love and cherish the classic dialogue from the first TRON, (I have a TRON quote-a-day calendar) but I saw this preview before Alice and Wonderland last night, and this is a masterful piece of writing compared to that cruddy fan fiction.
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March 9, 2010 on Tron 2: Full Throttle Legacy Is Going To Have A Terrible Exposition
I think I know who's getting comment of the weeeeeek!
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November 5, 2009 on Danny Boyle Moving Forward With Slummountain Onearmenaire
They shot this on the Terminator 2 set in off-hours.
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November 4, 2009 on thirtysomething: I’ll Be Home For Christmas
High Moo. Kissing Jessica Holstein. On A Clear Day, You Can Guernsey Forever. Bull Udderam
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November 4, 2009 on Best New Party Game 11
Who made this, an Urban Outfitters task force?
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November 1, 2009 on New Norah Jones Video – “Chasing Pirates”
Nope, still looks awful.
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October 30, 2009 on Avatar Looks Slightly Less Terrible!