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Heavy-handed dialogue, couched in "dude talk" so maybe this feels more daring than it is? If Louie CK wasn't in this clip, no one would give it a second thought.
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July 7, 2010 on The Videogum “Louis C.K. Promise”: The Poker Scene From Louie
That is the most convenient explanation since Tom Cruise novelty-danced his way to a "spontaneous" movie deal.
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June 15, 2010 on The Alvin Greene Story Continues To Be Ridiculous
"Written by" is a term they are using LOOSELY. ("He walks to the bed. He slightly frowns. A Phoenix song plays." REPEAT FOR TWO HOURS)
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June 15, 2010 on Being White Is Hard: Somewhere
Does anyone else suspect that this deal was in place already, and some fresh young thing at the PR agency said: "Wait until the MTV movie awards to say: 'Hey, who WOULDN'T love a movie about this?" . Otherwise, this seems to be the FASTEST OF FAST-TRACKS.
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June 10, 2010 on Les Grossman: The Movie
Goodbye, Hater! We'll miss your sub-par version of Videogum!
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May 6, 2010 on R.I.P. Hater
In pop culture, "Self-aware" is starting to become "Self-hating".
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May 3, 2010 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: Mickey Rourke Is Stupid And Difficult To Be Around
I have had to call 911, and yes, that is basically what it sounds like. I don't know if it's "bored" as much as "can never sound panicked".
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May 3, 2010 on Quick Question About The Buried Trailer
Finally, a reaction to Crispin Glover's "Clowny Clown" video. P.S. Look at the drivers hands. These are late middle-aged women hands. I don't know why that freaks me out.
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March 25, 2010 on WHO LET THE CLOWNS OUT?
Who's gonna put on the Bea Arthur dress?
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March 9, 2010 on Internet Gets What Internet Wants
I know we all love and cherish the classic dialogue from the first TRON, (I have a TRON quote-a-day calendar) but I saw this preview before Alice and Wonderland last night, and this is a masterful piece of writing compared to that cruddy fan fiction.
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March 9, 2010 on Tron 2: Full Throttle Legacy Is Going To Have A Terrible Exposition
I think I know who's getting comment of the weeeeeek!
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November 5, 2009 on Danny Boyle Moving Forward With Slummountain Onearmenaire
They shot this on the Terminator 2 set in off-hours.
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November 4, 2009 on thirtysomething: I’ll Be Home For Christmas
High Moo. Kissing Jessica Holstein. On A Clear Day, You Can Guernsey Forever. Bull Udderam
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November 4, 2009 on Best New Party Game 11
Who made this, an Urban Outfitters task force?
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November 1, 2009 on New Norah Jones Video – “Chasing Pirates”
Nope, still looks awful.
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October 30, 2009 on Avatar Looks Slightly Less Terrible!
I have a lot of ugh in my heart over "I Heart Huckabees".
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October 19, 2009 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Honey
The baby was heard crying, but I think that it's the nanny's work at this point.
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October 19, 2009 on Mad Men: We All Have Epilepsy
Let me first say that I love this show, it's wonderful, et. al. But does this show go a little too deep into the idea that "All married couples are balls of deep-buried repression and hate" and that the single women that Don meets (and bangs) are free-wheeling sirens? I mean, THE SIXTIES, I get it, but is it a little thick? That aside, my favorite stray parts: -The date bread that Don wraps in a napkin, and takes to work. -Paul playing at being "Mr. Progressive", and then yelling at Peggy's vagina. -Paul's spooge towel. -The fact that Lois will apparently never be fired, even after being a total incompetent. Especially at not chopping off workers limbs.
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October 19, 2009 on Mad Men: We All Have Epilepsy
I feel relief knowing that the first of the "gimmick" commenters has been ousted. This isn't "Family Matters", where you will out-shine the star as some break-out asshole. Just NORMAL asshole, amIright, people???
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October 16, 2009 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
Something tells me this ain't right.
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October 12, 2009 on It’s Official, Everyone Gets So Old
How much longer will this high-school level "wig and funny voice parade" trod on?
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October 12, 2009 on Saturday Night Live: Some Pertinent Questions And The Sketch They Don’t Want You To See!
Did anyone read this super-ignorant op-ed in the Huffington Post? Rich people!
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September 28, 2009 on Roman Polanski Open Kitten Thread
So, I need money. Badly. Thanks to Videogum, I swallowed my pride, and applied to the listing. ONE HOUR LATER I got a call to be in a 3-day movie shoot, AND perform in this show! My rent is paid, suckers! THANK YOU GABE!!!! YOU SAVED MY HOME!!!!
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September 10, 2009 on You Could Star (But Please Don’t Star) In Entourage: Lower East Side
CS ? Sir, I can?t imagine when you might find the time to actually watch my show given the measure of what you inherited. "PBO ? I have it Tivo?d on Air Force One. Nice break from the traveling press corps. (He glances at his watch) not to be abrupt or to rush you, but you have 19 minutes left. CS ? I?ll take that as an invitation to cut to the chase. PBO ? I?m all ears. Or so I?ve been told." HOLY GOD, REALLY?
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September 9, 2009 on Charlie Sheen’s 9/11 Fan Fiction