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This just makes me sad, because the still shot looks exactly like George Harrison in Hard Day's Night, and I would totally marry George Harrison in Hard Day's Night.
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August 15, 2011 on That’s Your Uniqlo Model: David Karp
Wow. I have had a crush on Paul Rudd for like 15 years now, and yet this video is the girl equivalent of a boner killer because now he looks and sounds exactly like my cool uncle who was in the Peace Corps. I need o stop getting older, and so does everybody else.
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August 11, 2011 on Paul Rudd Continues To Be Very Appealing
That's actually probably Ukrainian! Which I know because my Ukrainian coworker always answers her cellphone with "Shoa?!?" ("what?"), which is what Mila keeps saying, and also because Wikipedia says Mila is Ukrainian. Fun fact: I recently had to spell "Ukrainian" to a paralegal at a large national law firm on two separate occasions, and she kept acting like it was the weirdest word in the world and who ever heard of Ukraine, the large eastern European country, jeez?
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August 3, 2011 on Mila Kunis Is OUR Generation’s Bradley Cooper
I signed in just to get super-excited about "Home Movies" being available for free! (ish.) Seriously, monsters who like Archer and Dr. Katz (and I guess Bob's Burgers), you must watch this show.
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July 18, 2011 on Here Are Some Afternoon Links!
Yes! It is important that there's a curly-haired Disney heroine! I, like that Slate author, had no curly-haired anything as a kid and it wasn't until my early 20s that I finally learned to love my hair, and people STILL say things like "Wow, your hair is so curly, have you ever tried straightening it?" to which I have not once replied "Wow, your face is so stupid, have you ever tried punching it?" for which I think I deserve some kind of plastic trophy with a smug person on top.
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July 1, 2011 on Here Are Some Afternoon Links!
This reminds me I never finished The Satanic Verses. I think maybe the protagonists (former B'wood stars) were going to resolve their difficulties with an epic showdown.
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June 30, 2011 on At Long Last, The Bollywood Nyan Cat Mash-Up
So, does the pet store sell bags of Chinchilla Dust, or what?
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June 24, 2011 on Chinchillas Prepare For The Weekend
My internet cut out halfway through this video and I couldn't watch the rest. I think my computer was trying to save me from myself.
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November 23, 2010 on Taking One For The Team: The Brokencyde Concert Challenge
Yep. This is not a good movie to watch for the first time when you're older than 15.
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November 23, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Holiday Movie Nominees
I was a little too young for this show when it first aired, but my husband was just right (also helped that he was in Europe, where they were a few seasons behind). Gabrielle Carteris/Andrea was apparently his favorite. When we met in 1999, I had long, loosely-curly hair and wirerim glasses. I think we can all see what the terrifying conclusion of this story is, right?
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November 4, 2010 on Look Like This!: 90210
I work in a really small law office as a combo paralegal/almost-lawyer (damn bar exam, I will conquer you!), and since everyone can see what I'm doing all the time I have to restrict myself to VGing on my lunch hour and after work. Which, since I'm on the west coast, means all the other monsters are already in bed/blacked out from obscene amounts of whiskey by the time I get a chance to comment, boo.
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October 18, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Nothing But Trouble
Oh, I'm sure it'll be a diamond in the rough.
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October 14, 2010 on The 2012 Report: Spike TV Announces Coal Mining Reality Show
I honestly thought it was "bi-opic" for years and year until someone explained that it was "bio-pic," like "biography picture." I thought it was more like "biography epic," or something.
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September 27, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Amelia
Sally Sparrow! Someone else who thinks of her that way! Oscar-nominated indie darling, pfft. *nerd fistbump*
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September 27, 2010 on The Videogum Movie Club: Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps
This is true, but the other extreme is when white people constantly ask people of color to tell them if something is racist, and if so why, and please cite three example in your answer, which is so not better. People of color may laugh at me for getting too easily offended by mild racism but I think it's better than making them be the racism referee all the time.
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September 24, 2010 on Dear Outsourced, Please Kill Yourself
I swore I was giving up on Office this year, since I never caught up with the episodes on my Tivo from last spring, but I like Pam and Dwight so much together (funny joke times, not pervert times!) that the promos for the elevator prank made me glad I didn't actually delete my season pass yet. Maybe I will watch just that scene.
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September 24, 2010 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Welcome Home, Pals!
*tear* This is the most touching and hopeful portrayal of the future I've read all year.
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September 23, 2010 on You Can Make It Up: Joaquin Phoenix And Casey Affleck Shut Up And Go Away
I clicked on the comments hoping I wasn't alone, but I actually really enjoyed it. Admittedly I was using my laptop at the same time and wasn't paying breathless attention to every minute, but it amused me and there is no other show on TV with two black stars that isn't a fucking terrible domestic sitcom. I certainly liked it more than The Event, which I couldn't pay attention to for more than thirty seconds and kept fast-forwarding through waiting for the big twist.
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September 23, 2010 on Well, Undercovers Is Fucking Terrible
Moe: "Ooo, the gaRAGE, well, la-di-da." Homer: "What do you call it?" Moe: "The car-hole."
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September 22, 2010 on Super Nintendo Chalmers Open Thread
Meh. I love Grace Park but she still can't act. And I can't wait for all the "Wow, Jin speaks really good English!!" comments on the interwebs from people who didn't watch Angel.
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September 22, 2010 on Oh Shoot, So We Have To Watch The Event Now?