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I'm not a fan of Miley but what she's doing kinda gives me hope for the future of pop music. Maybe her Dead Petz project will help steer pop as a whole into more experimental terrain.
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October 5, 2015 on Watch Miley Cyrus & The Flaming Lips Bring Dead Petz To SNL
Oh good, another band with Beach in the name.
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October 2, 2015 on Beach Baby – “Limousine”
I look forward to the mediocrity
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September 29, 2015 on The Strokes Are Going Back In The Studio
Twitter is dumb. Unless you're a thirteen year old girl, you shouldn't be on it in the first place. And Stereogum should stop writing about it.
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August 27, 2015 on Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste Deletes Twitter Account Amid Backlash For Taylor Swift Comments
It would be funny if the next Star Wars movie featured a Jar-Jar Binks-style character named Jeff Tweedy, and when questioned about it, J.J. Abrams claims he knows nothing about Wilco.
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August 18, 2015 on Jeff Tweedy Doesn’t Even Like Star Wars (The Movie)
So because he's a weird celebrity, he's not allowed to have fun? Thanks for the update, TMZ.
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July 24, 2015 on Billy Corgan Braves Disneyland
If you agree with everything that I'm saying, downvote this comment!
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July 22, 2015 on Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift Quarrel Over MTV VMA Noms
Ooook I guess this poptimism thing really has legs around here now. Sad times.
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July 22, 2015 on Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift Quarrel Over MTV VMA Noms
In other news, Stereogum is now referring to Nicki Minaj as an "artist."
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July 21, 2015 on Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift Quarrel Over MTV VMA Noms
Hey CeeLo! After hearing this atrocious song, all I gotta say is... Forget you-oo-oo! Hoo hoo hooo!
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July 17, 2015 on CeeLo Green’s “Robin Williams” Is Some Craven Shit
meanwhile, starving children in the third world have nothing to eat but old records...
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July 7, 2015 on Finally A Playable Tortilla Record
I hate his shtick but this song is pretty.
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July 7, 2015 on Mac DeMarco – “Another One” Video
I quickly read that as a duet with John Madden, which would be too awesome to ignore. Imagine... Just Hilary's awful processed voice being drowned out by John Madden yelling in his belligerent uncle voice.
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June 18, 2015 on The Week In Pop: Hilary Duff Joined Tinder And, Oh Yeah, Made A Decent Album Too
yo la tengo covers always rival the originals. what a treat.
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June 3, 2015 on Yo La Tengo Announce New Album Stuff Like That There, Share Two Songs
Funny how Albert and Julian used to both be these dudes looking rock n roll cool in leather jackets. Fast forward a decade: Albert's style is channeling Jack Johnson and Julian looks like the toughest lesbian at the biker bar.
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May 30, 2015 on Watch Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Cover The Strokes To Albert Hammond Jr.’s Horror At Primavera Sound
this band sounds like a modern version of Linkin Park. the kids can have it.
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May 28, 2015 on The Week In Pop: Meet Twenty One Pilots, The Biggest Band You’ve Never Heard Of
Boring cover, but the album will likely be one of my favorites of the year when it drops.
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May 27, 2015 on Beach House Announce New Album Depression Cherry