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YLT, we miss you on the west coast!

 +3Posted on Oct 23rd | re: Ariel Pink Talks About Being "Raped In The Ass" By Dominatrix (28 comments)

First Wayne Coyne, then Morrissey, now Ariel Pink…

I will admit these articles can be mildly entertaining in a TMZ sort of way, but at the same time isn’t the tactic of singling out one songwriter and raking him or her over the coals for a month straight getting kind of old? It doesn’t even matter if these articles claim to be objective — writing multiple articles about the same artist that only serve to highlight misdeeds is manipulative. And I’m not even a fan of Ariel Pink. I just think the witch hunt is getting old and it’s cheapening the quality of Stereogum.

 0Posted on Oct 21st | re: Stream Yusuf (FKA Cat Stevens) Tell 'Em I'm Gone (4 comments)

probably because Cat Stevens sounds more furry and cute

 +1Posted on Oct 21st | re: Record Store Day Black Friday '14 Exclusives List Revealed (4 comments)

Dead Milkmen – Big Lizard In My Backyard, reissued on colored vinyl?? Come to Butthead.

 +6Posted on Oct 14th | re: Foxygen - "Coulda Been My Love" Video (4 comments)

Lead singer looks like the missing link between Christopher Owens and Ariel Pink.

 +2Posted on Oct 14th | re: Wilco Reveal Tracklists For Rarities & Greatest Hits Comps (9 comments)

The last line in that song Whole Love never sat right with me.

“And I hope I’ll know when to show you my whooooole… love.”

I never liked how the lyrics were spaced in a way that made it sound like he was about to show you his hole. Reminds me of a line from an oddly-prophetic folk song by Ween called Tried and True. “Could you smell my hole… life?”

Ric Ocasek deserves at least 80% of the credit here.

Morrissey is looking mighty normcore in that pic.

 +1Posted on Oct 6th | re: Pisces Iscariot Turns 20 (25 comments)

Also that coda in “Obscured”… after the 2:48-mark, it’s pure bliss.

 +1Posted on Oct 5th | re: Pisces Iscariot Turns 20 (25 comments)

This album is proof that Billy’s B-sides can be better than a lot of bands’ A-sides.