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 0Posted on Jul 8th | re: Album Of The Week: DJ Dodger Stadium Friend Of Mine (9 comments)

Completely agreed on the summer-time release. I’m just itching to get the hell out of work so I can roll down my windows, fire up the album via Spotify, and have an exhilarating ride home.

Damn… I’m taking my sister to see Gaga on the Chicago date and was hoping I’d get to witness Baby Metal first-hand. Alas, they aren’t on our date… instead we get the group Crayon Pop, who I’m sure you’re familiar with Tom considering your knowledge on the K-Pop scene. I’m sure it’ll be interesting nonetheless.

Can he be any more ignorant? There are plenty of “aggressive” bands out there, but apparently, he is just really bad at finding them and new music in general. It’s the same as people living in the past and claiming that all new music is “crap.” With all the outlets to find new music nowadays, I just find it baffling that people can still have this argument.

 +1Posted on Jun 26th | re: Grimes - "Go" (126 comments)

I was initially nervous on whether I would like this or not – especially after seeing the first comment on Soundcloud that proclaimed, “THAT DROP” (ugh) – but I’m super duper digging this track! Really hope she plans on releasing a new album this year.

 0Posted on Jun 26th | re: Ovlov Break Up (UPDATE: Just Kidding) (7 comments)

Aw man :( this does indeed suck. I’m seeing Basement in August but unfortunately, Ovlov aren’t on the Chicago dates of the tour, which I was initially bummed about… but now I’m even MORE bummed.

 +3Posted on Jun 24th | re: Album Of The Week: How To Dress Well "What Is This Heart?" (33 comments)

Agreed. I’ve had it on repeat since I stepped into work this morning. It’s fantastic.

Another one I’m excited to check out on my way home – that wasn’t mentioned in the list above – is Kitten’s self-titled debut. I caught them on Charli XCX’s tour last fall and have been keeping my eye on them ever since.

 +2Posted on Jun 24th | re: Veruca Salt - "It's Holy" Video (3 comments)

Sweet! It definitely is fan-submitted footage, btw. They asked their fans on Facebook to submit videos of themselves opening up the Record Store Day 10″ and listening to it for the first time.

 0Posted on Jun 23rd | re: Let's Go Turns 20 (14 comments)

Wow, fantastic piece Tom!

Rancid will always hold a very special place in my heart. I started with “AOCTW” then promptly picked up “Let’s Go” afterwards, both records changed my life for the better.

I got the pleasure of seeing them for the 4th time at last year’s Riot Fest and I can proudly say they still kill it. I was in absolute glory for their hour long set.

 +2Posted on Jun 4th | re: Album Of The Week: Parquet Courts Sunbathing Animal (27 comments)

The Orwells have been on my radar for a while now due to them being from my hometown… and I couldn’t be any more pleased with their new album. I can definitely see the Strokes comparisons, but they definitely also have a bit more of a 90′s flavor to their sound. Is it my favorite release this week? Probably not – Fucked Up and Parquet Courts take that title – but I did some driving around yesterday to it and it went perfectly with the sunny weather, windows rolled down, and some tapping to the steering wheel.

It’s definitely a toss-up on who I despise more. If we’re talking about just Sublime WITH Rome and not Sublime with Bradley, I’ll vote for them as the “more hated band” any day of the week over LP. Having met Rome at a hotel party a couple years ago, I can attest that the guy is beyond a douche bag bro. He threw an entire bottle of champagne into the hotel room wall, laughed while looking around at all of us for approval of his “rock star debauchery” display, and then sat on one of the beds telling everyone to “hush” while he played songs off his upcoming “solo” album from his iPod. True story. I finished my drink and promptly left, since I was only there for the free booze in the first place.