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If that was their setlist, I would be able to die happy immediately after leaving that show…

MAJOR props for including “The Morning Sad.” I always feel like that VS track is somewhat overlooked. It’s definitely one of their more poppy songs, kind of in the direction Nina went in when she did her solo album, but it definitely deserves some more recognition.

Dudley – Totally agree about “One Last Time.” Although I think there’s a good chance for them to whip it out on their tour. When I saw Veruca Salt, sans Nina, back in about ’04 or ’05, they played it. Now that Nina’s back, I don’t see any reason for them not to.


I literally stopped everything I was doing at work to read this. Great interview Cole! Seriously, this made my freaking day. Jealous is an understatement that they asked you to create a set-list for them. If you could throw “Number One Blind” and “Don’t Make Me Prove It” in there, that’d be great. ;)

VS were HUGE for me growing up. Eight Arms To Hold You in particular. I was girl growing up in the suburbs of Chicago and Nina and Louise inspired me to pick up a guitar and start a band of my own. Obviously, that didn’t last haha, but I still know how to play guitar and they’re to thank.

I woke up hella early on Saturday to get to my local record shop with the hopes of scoring their 10″. It was first on my list. I didn’t get lucky… so I broke down and checked eBay for it the next day. I found it for about $35, placed a bid for $40 and bam, got it. It should be arriving any day and I can hardly contain my excitement. “The Museum Of Broken Relationships” sounds fantastic, it’s as if they never missed a beat or took a break.

Anyways, I have rambled enough… once again, awesome interview Cole! Can’t wait to see them live again – first time since ’97 – back in their hometown of Chicago once more.

 0Posted on Apr 22nd | re: Throwing Copper Turns 20 (79 comments)

YES! I used to love OLP. Clumsy, front to back, is still one of my favorite 90s albums. I even enjoyed one of their later releases, Gravity, quite a bit.

I’m a little late to this party but felt the need to comment..

Man oh man… I’m really not a Lorde fan either but geez, caaaalm down. I get what you’re saying, but I also understand the principle on why they did what they did – it makes sense when you really think about it – and honestly, it is worth getting yourself this riled up over it? They still had Kim Gordon and Joan Jett perform as well, so you can at least be satisfied with that.

And I’m old enough to have “been around when Nirvana came out” so don’t make that assumption. I’m just saying to step off the soap box – it happened, there’s nothing you can change about it, move on.

Ugh, couldn’t agree with you more. I really wanted to watch that first video of Stipe inducting them, but it was literally giving me motion sickness as I’m trying to sit here and eat lunch while watching it. Is it really that hard to hold the damn phone steady? And if I heard the person filming say “yep, yep” one more time in the background, I was gonna lose it, so I just stopped watching it all together.

HBO will be airing the whole ceremony on May 31st though so I’ll definitely be tuning into that!

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It’s been an awesome new music Tuesday! Have yet to check out EMA’s release, but I’ll get to it tomorrow.

I received Pup’s self-titled 12″ in the mail yesterday and have been listening to it non-stop ever since. I know it was released in Canada last year, but I didn’t get around to purchasing it until they had the pre-order for the US version. Can’t recommend it enough; up-beat, gritty, fast, punch-in-your face punk. It’s up there in my top 5 releases of the year thus far.

I’m also diggin’ Todd Terje’s It’s Album Time, the new OFF!, and I don’t see them mentioned on Tom’s list but also Donovan Wolfington’s Scary Stories You Tell In The Dark. Start with the song “Keef Ripper,” absolutely fantastic.

 +1Posted on Apr 8th | re: Smash Turns 20 (27 comments)

Best selling indie release of all time? Well, I just learned something new today… totally would have never guessed that.

I have a soft spot for the Offspring. Sure, people mock their corny pop-punk tunes and Dexter when he had his white-boy dreads, but this album single-handedly got me into the different breeds of punk. Smash led me to Pennywise’s Full Circle, which then led me to the masterpiece that is Rancid’s Out Come The Wolves, and the rest is history for then on. Everyone in my 7th grade class at the time worshiped Dookie, but I was partial Smash… in turn, causing many of debates between the grade-school-era me and my classmates. To this day, I still prefer the Offspring to Green Day.

However, my favorite release from them will always be Ixnay On The Hombre, followed closely by Ignition. Songs like “All I Want” and “Session” will pop up on my iPod from time to time and – if I’m driving – I can’t help but push my foot down on the gas peddle a little more, windows rolled down on a hot summer day, pat my steering wheel to the beat, and belt out the words with a smile.

Aaaand… if I would of just scrolled down… I would have seen that Scott beat me to my explanation to you RJ. haha whoops. Ah well, +1 to the awesome Saul meme anyway ;)

That’s totally true… Paul met his wife at Coachella. He’s a huge music-head like all of us, I’ve read dozens of articles about his love of Radiohead and attending as many music fests as he can. For that, I love the guy even more than I already did due to his stellar performance as Jesse Pinkman.

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Aw… Failure <3 So happy that band reunited. And, strangely, they're also opening for Tool on their upcoming tour.