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Wait, I’m confused. How did U2 devalue their music? All they did was give it away for free.

I was hoping Pink Floyd would let him have the classic rock equivalent of a guest verse just so the 4 of them could be on last song together

Mario Cuomo is also Andrew Cuomo’s dad. Mario was governor in the 80s (thanks wikipedia)

 0Posted on Sep 22nd | re: Stream Christopher Owens A New Testament (5 comments)

its good (not great) overall. I don’t really care for the country section or the album art. Overcoming Me sounds like it could’ve been a bonus track on Father Son Holy Ghost.

 +1Posted on Jul 24th | re: Caption The Sad Jack White Cubs Photo And Win A Prize (332 comments)

(thats how you do it)

 +1Posted on Jul 14th | re: Muddy, Druggy Hudson Project Festival Ends Miserably (9 comments)

minor corrections: Widowspeak played before the cancellation, Flatbush Zombies were Saturday, and Lunice cancelled earlier in the day because of travel delays.

 +1Posted on Jul 3rd | re: Spoon - "Do You" (22 comments)

if you’re bringing p4k into to this discussion… they gave the album a 7.8, which is .4-.6 away from the BNM tag haha

 +3Posted on Jul 2nd | re: The 10 Best Gorillaz Songs (73 comments)

O Green World

 +5Posted on Jun 27th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (65 comments)

2nd place last year was Diane Young, which peaked at #11 on the US alt chart.

I think you should have 2 polls. make it fair for everyone

the mechanical license required for a cover song is compulsory. It doesn’t matter if he “allows” them to cover a song (if frank used the master recording, which it sounds like he did, he would be required to obtain separate rights to use that. although if he made a perfect note for note replica of the original he would be alright).

The issue is mixtape culture and the idea that building a community of fans is equally- if not more- important than the $.01 per stream (less if they bought in bulk) that they technically owe the publishing company.