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Wish they didn’t edit down the interview, but cool article about that song if you’re in to semi-technical stuff

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August 28, 2015 on Justin Bieber’s New Single “What Do You Mean” Is Really Great

This band is pretty great glad you started covering them

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August 21, 2015 on Loma Prieta – “Never Remember”

Just FYI, the mechanical license required to release a cover song (either for profit or not for profit) is compulsory. Anyone can release a taytay song cover as long as her camp gets the 9.1 cents per sale or download/.00000whatever per stream.

In this case it seems like she’s fine with him just releasing it which id guess would negate the need for any license but give her the power to pull the whole thing if she changes her mind about it being cool.

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August 20, 2015 on Taylor Swift Shares Excited Statement About Ryan Adams’ 1989 Covers Album

good read. kinda related…a couple years ago someone posted a yahoo question about his effects and he replied with not only the gear but the presets he used on certain songs

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July 23, 2015 on The Dude Abides: At Home With Mac DeMarco

Man, such a great venue. Didn’t realize that Middle East owned the building… wonder what’s gonna happen to the space.

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June 18, 2015 on Pixies Playing T.T. The Bear’s Farewell Show Tonight

Thanks for this list. I ended up seeing Benjamin Booker last night over Belle and Sebastian/Tycho based on this write up and thought he was absolutely incredible

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June 8, 2015 on The 8 Best Performances Of Governors Ball 2015 Friday

Hah I thought the SBTRKT thing was some sort of fucked up monkey

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June 8, 2015 on SBTRKT Says Disclosure Copied His Artwork

I enjoy soundcloud for what it is, but gotta say the interface is garbage for finding specific tracks. Like, mp3 player from 2002 bad

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June 3, 2015 on Leaked Contract Confirms SoundCloud Is Plotting A Subscription Service

Kinda bummed this has a fall/end of summer release date. FIDLAR (along with MVOTC and Yeezus) was my go-to for summer of 2013. Man, good times…

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June 2, 2015 on FIDLAR – “40oz On Repeat” Video

There’s a tweet in between the top two about a shirt he used to wear a lot.

Decent possibility that he was referring to a shirt with “OFWGKTA” on it and not the actual collective

Heres those two tweets in new context:

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May 28, 2015 on Tyler, The Creator Hints That Odd Future Are “No More”

This is really disappointing. I know he’s been performing with a band lately, but cmon I’m sure there are plenty of broke jazz artists who would be down to tour with him.

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May 26, 2015 on Kendrick Lamar Performed At Sasquatch! And Only Did One Song From To Pimp A Butterfly

Please apologize to Lil B! Last thing the rockets need right now is a cursed player!

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May 22, 2015 on Lil B May Have Cursed James Harden In Last Night’s Western Conference Finals Game

I still haven’t gotten over how they removed the star button. Sure, it’s nice to save albums instead of making playlists for each one, but that feature shouldn’t have straight up replaced the star. Having to add it to the Starred Playlist suckz.

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May 20, 2015 on Spotify Expands Into Video, News, Fitness, Playlist Curation

Number of people who care that Hozier isn’t on soundcloud? Maybe like 2 or 3

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May 6, 2015 on Sony Pulls Adele, Miguel, Passion Pit, & More From SoundCloud Due To “A Lack Of Monetization Opportunities”

I think Jesus Christ is the most overrated Brand New song by far- I’d probably place it around the middle of my favorite songs on Devil and God. That said, it’s still a great song.

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April 29, 2015 on The 10 Best Brand New Songs

Having spent several hours with my friend, his truck, and his “Driving my Truck Somewhere” country playlist I generally agree. Although apparently some people are ‘in’ on the dumb lyrics- kinda like how people on this site promote/enjoy Swag Rap. I can put up with modern country for 20-45 minutes before I start feeling sick.

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April 23, 2015 on My Morning Jacket’s Jim James Has Some Harsh Words For Modern Country Music

Good article, but there’s a huge difference between a naive joke that could possibly have some humorous merit in the right context and the tweet Lauren shared

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April 23, 2015 on Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry Responds To Misogynist Trolls: “Bring It On, Motherfuckers”

Hes still mildly popular in Houston.!programmation=artist$welcome-to-houston/53

Listed above Scarface, Lil Flip, and Lil Keke, but below all the real heavy hitters (Bun, Z-Ro, Devin, etc)

Plus everyone knows 281 is a fake ass area code (fake as in unoriginal… not literally unreal)

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April 17, 2015 on After A Decade, Where Is Mike Jones?

You get something like 2 hours upload time for free. If you pay you get more time and more insight into who is listening/liking/sharing your music. Also stuff like being able to ‘pin’ a song to the top of your page and whatnot.

For me, soundcloud has always felt more like a music community with focus on the creation side than simply a streaming site, even if it has been shifting toward the later in the last couple years.

The lack of payment probably makes it easier for them to look the other way when it comes to the unliscened samples

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April 10, 2015 on YouTube’s Paid Subscription Service Is Almost Here

Not to sound like someone’s mom, but this is more disappointing than sad. RIP

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March 20, 2015 on A$AP Yams’ Death Ruled A Drug Overdose