Comments from Stephen

I think that everyone is missing the point of this story, and that is that we should all just give up using play ground insults that offend people and man (or woman up) up and apologize, publicly. I'll start: On more than one occasion I have called women dykes, mug runchers, furry bowl soup eaters and the like... I apologize. On more than one occasion I have used the word gay as a pejorative and for this I'm embarrassed, and I apologize. Several times in my life I have called someone, with intent to insult them, spastic, retarded, crippled etc. This is unforgivable, but I hope you accept my sincerest apology. I have used several racial slurs, which I will not repeat here. I want to make clear that I've never done this with any malice or intent to make someone feel inferior or oppressed. However, I still feel again embarrassed and I apologize. ------------- I'm done... wow, that was liberating in an AA 12 steps sort of way.
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June 12, 2008 on The Internet Needs To Stop Being Such A Homosexual