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 0Posted on May 16th, 2013 | re: The 10 Best Deerhunter Songs (126 comments)

Wow, I am shocked, in a good way. “He Would Have Laughed” is also my favorite Deerhunter song. Have been a pretty big Deerhunter fan for around five years now–I celebrate their entire catalogue. Surprised to see this at #1 as it’s not their most popular song by any means.

“I know where my friends are now” — love the lyrics in the 2nd half of the song.

 +4Posted on Dec 21st, 2012 | re: Pitchfork's Top 50 Albums Of 2012 (250 comments)

Haha. Oh Man. Hahahahaha.

I mean, you deem The Idler Wheel “not wholly satisfying” but then state it is your #1 pick in another reader poll.

I bet you would give music as a whole a 6.8 huh:,2278/

Life is far too short to be so bitter. Just listen to an album for what it is. Who cares who else likes it? Who cares if Tame Impalas fanbase is comprised “entirely of Triple J Gen Y-ers”? Although I would bet that the majority of their fanbase has never even heard of Triple J. Haha.

Jeez dude. Take a chill pill.

 +2Posted on Oct 19th, 2010 | re: King Of Leon Hates Hipsters, Indie, Not Iron Chef (42 comments)

Caleb does make a good point.

As it turns out, my girlfriend and I were just discussing all things indie. It was a rather profound conversation, she of course proclaiming “indie this,” myself retorting “bull$hit, indie that.”

 -1Posted on Sep 18th, 2010 | re: Kings Of Leon Need Separate Toilets (23 comments)

I fell for it too, but nonetheless I should have known better. KOL are 100% marketing. RCA signed them before they were even a band, before they were even musicians.

From wikipedia:

Drummer Nathan added, “When we signed the deal with RCA, it was just me and Caleb. The label told us they were going to put a band together, but we said, ‘We’re going to buy our little brother a bass, he’s a freshman in high school. Caleb will teach himself the guitar. Our cousin Matthew played guitar when he was 10 and I’ll play drums.’ The record label agreed,”

 +2Posted on Sep 10th, 2010 | re: Welcome Back Kings Of Leon With 15 Covers Of "Use Somebody" (48 comments)

The Ultrabeat one is by far the best (worst)