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 +1Posted on Jan 24th | re: Ryan Adams And Mandy Moore Divorce (9 comments)

He should marry Amy Adams now. There’s some chemistry there with the names I think.

 +4Posted on Jan 21st | re: Primavera Sound 2015 Lineup (20 comments)

Damn, that was supposed to be a reply to Erik Didriksen (I hope I’m pronouncing that right).

 +3Posted on Jan 21st | re: Primavera Sound 2015 Lineup (20 comments)

I’m hoping it’s Julian Casablancas. After Mark complains about that “Arby’s Roast Beef Garbage Can Shit” coming from the other stage, Julian can respond by telling us all about how he’s looking to move away from festivals because they’ve become too over run with old white brunch eating pricks.

 +10Posted on Jan 14th | re: Album Of The Week: Mark Ronson Uptown Special (56 comments)

So I’m just gonna be honest and admit that at this time yesterday I had never heard “Uptown Funk” (I just flat out don’t listen to the radio) and rolled my eyes when I saw this was the album of the week. Then by chance I heard the song for the first time at a party last night and kind of instinctively knew what it was and was really feeling it. Went home and listened to the album and decided to officially rescind my eye roll. Sorry ‘Gum, you were right.

 +5Posted on Jan 14th | re: Shaky Knees 2015 Lineup (20 comments)

Last year it was Gov’s Ball, and this year Shaky Knees is the festival that has totally overachieved with a killer line-up. I’d take this over any line-up I’ve seen from a big name fest so far.

 +5Posted on Jan 14th | re: Bonnaroo 2015 Lineup (82 comments)

Didn’t expect to be saying this, but… I’d much rather go to Shaky Knees this year than Bonnaroo.

 +9Posted on Jan 9th | re: Watch Foxygen Impress The Hell Out Of David Letterman (34 comments)

Or make it through a one song performance without sounding winded the whole time…

 +1Posted on Jan 9th | re: The 10 Best A Tribe Called Quest Songs (28 comments)

Kinda surprised not to see “Can I Kick It?” or “Lyrics to Go”, but this is still a pretty damn solid list.

 +7Posted on Jan 9th | re: Watch Foxygen Impress The Hell Out Of David Letterman (34 comments)

Just goes to show Letterman is just a sucker for lead singer dancing. The dude put on an incredibly weak vocal performance and the song itself seemed pretty uninspiring. Apparently the thrill of the frontman prancing about gimmick was enough to outweigh all of that for old Dave though.

 +3Posted on Jan 8th | re: Sia Apologizes For Pedophilia Overtones In Her New Video (44 comments)

I wish she hadn’t apologized. You made a piece of art, in this day and age that’s enough to mean you offended someone because there are literally people out there that go looking for ways to be offended by things. I think musicians need to stop softening the impact of their art by apologizing for their songs or videos or messages.