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This is what I’ve said all along. I don’t know who the hell is willing to pay $9.99 for a digital copy of an album from iTunes. Based on what sells I would guess it’s high schoolers spending their parents money. If i’m paying 10+ dollars for an album it would be much preferred to actually get a physical copy in the form of a CD or vinyl record. I used to collect Cd’s, and have about 500 plus the 70 or so vinyl records I’ve purchased in the last few years and I love actually having a physical collection of my albums for all the money I’ve spent.

 0Posted on Nov 19th | re: 26 Essential Songs From The NYC Rock Resurgence (116 comments)

I was thinking the same thing. And if he has another album in him anytime soon it’d be cool if he’d release it on Julian Casablancas’ Cult label, which would be fitting seeing as how recently Julian has been seeming like that actual “weird” Stroke.

 +5Posted on Nov 16th | re: Ariel Pink Calls Grimes "Stupid And Retarded" (49 comments)

You know what, his recent “Piss everyone off” press cycle has actually been pretty brilliant (in a stupid way of course). I had heard his name before all of this but had never bothered to listen to any of his music. All of his controversy inciting comments made me curious enough to check out some of his stuff in these last couple of months and I’d now count myself as a fan. And I doubt I’m the only one that’s been exposed to his music through all of this.

 +1Posted on Nov 6th | re: Miles Davis Albums From Worst To Best (115 comments)

Love to see Sketches of Spain getting some love. Slightly baffled by how low Bitches Brew and In a Silent Way are though.

 +3Posted on Nov 6th | re: Yelling "Parklife!" At Russell Brand Is A Thing Now (19 comments)

My favorite clip of him is when he was on some shitty MSNBC show and went on to politely berate the anchors about how terrible they were at doing their jobs. It was hilarious seeing how uncomfortable they got when someone actually called them on how lazy and incompetent they are.

What a dick. After he’s publicly ridiculed someone else for doing the same thing, how can he not be more prepared? This is like Morrissey accidentally eating a steak.

 +4Posted on Oct 26th | re: Drake - "6 God," "Heat Of The Moment," & "How Bout Now" (4 comments)

Only listened to “6 God” and wasn’t even remotely impressed.

Debuting commercial pop songs in actual commercials makes too much sense.

 +1Posted on Oct 18th | re: Watch Foxygen's Wild Performance On A Chicago Morning News Show (1 comments)

He’s trying way to hard to be channel his inner Iggy Pop here. Comes off looking like a nerd.

 +4Posted on Oct 17th | re: Eric Church Is Our Greatest Working Rock Star (29 comments)

Eh, I tried but Eric Church just doesn’t do much for me. Now Sturgill Simpson on the other hand, that dude is making some great music. “Meta-Modern Sounds in Country Music” is one of the better albums I’ve heard all year and I’m far from a full blown country fan.