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UGH! Which one should be my new avatar?! It’s impossible to pick just one.


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500$ is the price per ticket IF you share with 3 other people. Then they add 200$ per person for processing.

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Not sure where you’re getting your info regarding this. Have you been on a cruise? I have, five different times. It’s expensive. People save for months, years. The price of 500$ is just the actual “ticket price” IF you take the cheapest cruise package. If you take the room by yourself or another person, the price is $700 plus 200$ per person. So really you’re looking at at least $900 before transportation to port. And that’s the cheapest room.

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Is it me or is there a big discordance with the headliners and the rest of the festival?

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You know, I was just thinking of Common People the other day. I’m going to go ahead and call it, the girl from common people never existed.