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"...there is a really good Drake album in there somewhere" Which is why i made my VIEWS minus the 6 (songs that suck) playlist:
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July 21, 2016 on Views From The Top: The Undying Popularity Of Drake’s Unending Album
Hot take alert: AVD > RAM
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July 13, 2016 on Justice – “Safe And Sound”
They played this instead of LA Girlz (which they played on previous dates), which IMO is the best song on the album. I'm seeing them live in Toronto, and am very excited that they're playing Only in Dreams on this tour.
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June 21, 2016 on Watch Weezer Perform “Jacked Up” For The First Time
I'm hijacking this comment section to announce that 'In Rainbows' is finally on Spotify. #blessed
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June 10, 2016 on Watch President Obama Slow Jam The News With The Roots, Madonna Sing “Borderline” On The Tonight Show
Billy Squier said it best: "Stroke me" Too creepy? too creepy.
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May 26, 2016 on The Strokes – “OBLIVIUS”
Just copped my tix to the Toronto show. Between this and GnR, this will be my summer for making up for lost time. Can't wait!
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May 20, 2016 on Watch Puff Daddy & The Family Reunite On Today
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May 18, 2016 on Blink-182’s New Song Sucks But At Least It’s Only 14 Seconds Long
Looks like she needs to go back to training heels. I'll show myself out.
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May 13, 2016 on Here’s Meghan Trainor Falling Down On The Tonight Show
I've always imagined that she's just like Reese Witherspoon's character in Election.
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May 12, 2016 on Taylor Swift Lip Syncs To The Darkness In Latest Apple Music Commercial
First off, I think the album is incredible. It just comes at a weird time in my life. My wife and I have worked at the same media company for the last 10 years. Recently, they merged with another company. As you'd expect wiith any merger, there are inevitably going to be redundancies. My wife fell victim 2 months ago, and I basically have a 50/50 chance of the same fate given that my new boss is from the other company. So a week ago we decided to fuck off and leave the hunger games atmosphere back home for a vacation in Cali. There's every expectation in my department that the day I get back is the day that more mass layoffs will be happening. It's been an emotional roller coaster especially considering we just bought a house last year. ANYWAYS - this album makes me simultaneously makes me feel like everything will be ok, and that everything is falling apart.
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May 9, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
Your grasp of the english language and your deductive reasoning as to why the Hives > The Strokes is astounding.
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March 12, 2010 on Strokes Confirm Lollapalooza 2010, LP Coming September
I'm surprised Michael Cera and Will Arnett are mentioned here. As a fellow Canadian, we are capable of being annoying, overly nice and occassionally whiny, but we're rarely classified as jerks. It just isn't in our DNA. I think it has something to do with maple syrup consumption.
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February 16, 2010 on A Videogum Poll: Who Is Secretly A Big Jerk?
In a perfect world, the spurned columnist from 'The Wire' is the same character as the new husband in this clip, who got a prominent job at the L.A. Times and finally gets his comeuppance when John Cusack accidentally hits the booster seat, and sends him flailing into an exploding Mount Rushmore. Too much to ask?
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October 2, 2009 on Good News! We Don’t Have To See 2012!
N.W.A cassette in your sisters Teddy Ruxpin while she sleeps > Bluetooth Bear.
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October 2, 2009 on It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before The Bluetooth Bear Is Used For Evil
The Megan Fox and Transforming Robots Awesome Show, Great Job!
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August 13, 2009 on Best New Party Game 6
Back to the Past and then Onwards to the Present and it's sequels: - Back to the Future and then to the Alternate Present and then Back to the Past Again. - The Shitty One Set in the Wild West
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August 13, 2009 on Best New Party Game 6
Nothing is fucked here dude, nothing is fucked.
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August 13, 2009 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: “Dudeism” Is Not A Religion
On a semi related note, this is the most well written and strongest argument for what exactly happened in the final scene of the Sopranos. It's a little lengthy but incredibly engaging: Best to read by going back and forth between the article and rewatching the scene on Youtube. And if you haven't watched the entire series, i'd recommend that above and beyond any other show besides the Wire. Bada Bing.
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July 16, 2009 on Videogum Summer School Now In Session
The bigger problem for men is not sleeping on their balls. It's a problem that comes with the turning of the seasons; as the spring leaves bloom, the birds begin chiriping, and the days become longer in the dog days of summer. I refer, of course, to the pandemic known as 'Stickage' If you could solve that problem, it'd be like inventing the wheel all over again.
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June 23, 2009 on The Kush: Finally, A Thing To Put Between Your Boobs While You Sleep
I understand your plight. Too.....many.....cheesy.....jokes.....must....resist...muah.... MORE KUSHION FOR THE PUSHIN!!! Dammit.
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June 23, 2009 on The Kush: Finally, A Thing To Put Between Your Boobs While You Sleep
Clicking on your name led me to your Twitter page, in which I used a calculator to determine that you are 19 years old. By my estimation, you are legally able to vote, join the army and drive, but are not legally allowed to drink. So, based on your logic, I have the following question for you: What level are you on in Halo 3?
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June 23, 2009 on Fox And Friends Pays Children To Fight On TV